Happy Mon(Daé) 20

Some people celebrate their birthday for one day and then there are other people like me who celebrate the entire month. I’ve been laser tagging, bowling, bar hopping and even went to New Orleans for the second year in a row to celebrate life. Now that I’m enjoying my vacation from my last vacation (I love Nola but it’s exhausting), it’s time to get back into the groove of things.

Mon(Daé) Motivation

Happy Mon(Daé) 20

I can’t wait for The Bold Type to come back. Some people compare it to Sex in the City but I like the show better. It’s not just full of narratives but it has some life lessons and gut wrenching realities to it.

I’m Rockin’

Life is short buy the shoes. My dad told me I look like a cartoon character and my mom just thinks they’re hideous.✌🏾 (Rue21)

My local Macy’s is closing and I got a really cute sweatsuit. I may never make it to the gym but it’s totally okay. Also, I got my February Ipsy bag earlier than usual. I love the lip scrub however I have never used dry shampoo but companies keep sending them my way.

I absolutely love this Turbo Tax commercial and after commenting on the YouTube video they sent me the bear free. 🐻 It’s hilarious.

Influenster put me on to this Kat Von D lipstick some time ago. I don’t care for the shade but I love the formula. Influenster sends me free stuff in exchange for my honest opinion.

412 Fresh

Pittsburgh is getting the largest indoor recreation center in PA complete with Go-Karts, laser tag, and more. (link)

February 22nd is National Margarita Day and what better way to celebrate with actual Margaritas from Tres Rios on the Southside. They’ve been counting down since forever and their tacos are a bonus.

Wigle Whiskey is hosting an indoor bar crawl on February 23rd at their tasting room downtown because it’s cold outside and whiskey warm you up. Let’s make this a thing. (Tickets)

DJ Jazzy Jeff is spinning at Scenario on the Southside. (Tickets)

Now Playing

Happy Links

Olympian loses coat, oversleeps, drops the F bomb on live TV, and wins the first gold medal for America.

The Met Museum brought someone dressed as a Ninja Turtle to admire Michaelangelo’s work because marketing is awesome.

If you haven’t watched Tiffany Haddish on Drunk History please do.

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