The 100: There Are No Good Guys

*Spoiler alert ⚠

I give up. I can’t even call season 5 of The 100 intense anymore. We’re beyond that! I just finished episode 8 and my gosh! Who are these people?

The 100: There Are No Good GuysTalk about character development! Kudos to Bellamy for finally realizing his sister is indeed his problem when she became everyone else’s problem. I love the girl’s character to pieces but Bloodreina is a savage. How many more of her people have to die for her to prove that she’s the leader or some cult? What happened in the bunker? It’s almost like the girl has PTSD from when she used to live under the floor and she refuses to be told what to do. Stop mucking things up Octavia.

The 100: There Are No Good Guys

I‘m conflicted. I hate who O has become but I understand and sympathize with her because I remember where she came from. She didn’t want to be a leader. Rather she’s a moral leader or not is debatable (she not) but she’s a darn good leader. The people listen to her because they like her or they fear her (probably both). That got me thinking though she’s no better  than Diyoza.

The 100: There Are No Good Guys

I feel bad for Diyoza because her army isn’t as strong as Wonkru. O has a group of followers that have and will die for her and Diyoza’s army is out for self. How do they even survive? If I had to put money on the war I wouldn’t bet against Wonkru. I hope Di has some grand plan because in the scheme of things it looks bad for the mama to be. By the way who is her baby daddy? Also, I would like for her to back off of caveman Kane (the facial hair though) so he can focus on Abby. Like how is the doctor going to be high all the time?

The 100: There Are No Good Guys

Speaking of mommy issues… What happened to Abby? How many times is she going to screw Raven over? At some point Raven Reyes has to be all “you shock collared me to get your fix. Line is crossed.” Abby should be dead to her but still she cares because Reyes sees her mom in Abby. I was shocked when Abby pushed the button. Like, “girl get your life.” There is not enough apologies to forgive and forget her crazy.

I just want Raven to be happy. Can she get one relationship? She hasn’t had a break since Finn. Like, I ship her and pilot bae (Shaw). Even though she crossed the hell out of him, he still cares and he’s just as smart as she. What I don’t understand though is if Raven taught Emori everything she knows why can’t Raven take the collar apart?

The 100: There Are No Good Guys

I was giddy this episode. I finally got to see my dynamic duo in action. Even though Bellarke kind of failed at stopping the war I got to see them on screen and on the same planet together all scheming. They even killed a person together. How far their moral compasses have come. 😯 Of course my favorite part was that ending though. Octavia didn’t want to kill her brother before but she’s most definitely going to want to do so when she wakes up because one thing that girl hates more than love is missing out on a good war. Girl why don’t you just share the valley with the prisoners? Watching Bellamy slyly put down his sister was shocking but necessary. It was almost necessary to throw something at my TV though because now I have to wait two weeks until I can get a new episode. What in the actual world?

The 100: There Are No Good Guys

PS. Pray for Monty ya’ll. He’s starting to realize why his best friend took his own life. He all tired of surviving and him and Harper is all, “we wanna live.” They’re dodging the whole war and I don’t blame them.

Netflix is all, “give it a rest. Don’t you want to see how Girl Boss ended?” As I start a solo rewatch of the show for like the tenth time. It’ll never get old. What are your thoughts on Octavia’s leadership? How’s season five going for you? What’s up with all these breaks in between episodes just killing the momentum?

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