The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Freeform’s The Bold Type is the show millennial women so badly need and deserve. The show chronicles three fiercely intelligent young women who work at a Cosmo-esque Magazine and are out to empower women while following their NYC dreams. Having a solid safety net makes life in the big city a bit easier but doesn’t stop the drama from happening.

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Jane wants to write big things and her passion and hunger are way bigger than her patience. Kat Edison is the youngest social media director in the history of Scarlet Magazine and is confident even when she isn’t. She deals with her racial identity and her sexual identity especially when she falls for a young Muslim artist. Last but not least there’s Sutton, the scrappy resilient assistant who grew up in rural Pennsylvania and was barely raised by her alcoholic mom. She always had a passion for more out of life so she purchased a one way ticket to NYC with hopes of taking a bite out of the Big Apple. After being a secretary for years, she gets the courage to go for her dream job even if it means less money. Sutton wants it all and soon realizes she has to be flexible with the meaning of that.

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

The best thing about The Bold Type is the bond between these young women even when they’re not on the same page or even the same book (*cough* Sutton and her pro gun stance). Also, the realistic nature of how failure is dealt with makes it perfect for now as failure isn’t broadcasted enough. When Jane quits her job and tries to get rehired, Kat makes a social media mistake, and Sutton failed repeatedly, it’s soon realized that life isn’t always rosy. Adulthood is full of failure and millennials need to know this especially growing up in the Participation Trophy Era.

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Sutton, Kat, and Jane are squad goals and although they’re awesome, the editor behind the fearless magazine is one of my favorite characters. Jacqueline isn’t afraid of taking risks and is somewhat of a mentor to the girls but also being the boss they need even when they don’t want her to be.

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

There are so many gems in this show but I couldn’t help but to pick my top ten.

You need to catch your breath, take an hour, fall apart, come back, and we’re gonna figure this out. – Jackie

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Being right is not always enough. – Jackie

Sometimes you’re going to fail. That is what it means to be a professional writer. – Jackie

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

If you can’t do it with feeling, don’t. – Sutton

You need to start speaking up for yourself. – Jackie

Unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back. – Jackie

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Young women want to be politically engaged, so let’s engage them. – Jackie

Body positivity is about self-love and self-acceptance which is very healthy. Jackie

The Bold Type is All Feminism No Chaser

Don’t say I’m sorry when there’s nothing to apologize for. – Jackie

You can’t always get the moon. – Jackie

Your twenties are about screwing up, shaking things up, and laughing while exploring if it’s legal to flash people in the park with your best friends for a work assignment. The Bold Type touches on gender bias, the very broken US healthcare system, and friendships. It touches so many people and its no wonder it keeps getting renewed.

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