Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

Insatiable, it was supposed to be full or controversy and be offensive to anyone who watched but the story of Patty Bladell going from bully to revenge bombshell isn’t offensive to anyone who’s ever been bullied. After finishing it in two days I’m certain of a few things.

Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

Weight wasn’t Patty’s real issue.

The old saying “sticks and stones” sounds great but just because someone stops bullying a person doesn’t fix all the issues with the person who was bullied. For Patty Bladell, becoming skinny didn’t fix her self-esteem issues, her lack of maturity and impulse control, or any issues for that matter. It was realistic in a way that Patty never rebuilt her self-esteem. She wasn’t the greatest person before she lost the weight. She just figured as long as the work on the outside was done, the inside would fix itself.

Society is shallow

Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

In a swipe right kind of culture, society is shallow. People suddenly liking Patty after her weight loss isn’t exaggerated. Society treats people differently depending on how they look. It’s sad, but it’s very true. If it wasn’t, cosmetic surgeons wouldn’t be booming right now.

You don’t have to be a size zero to be confident.

Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

Dee, the larger than life plus size beauty pageant queen told Patty at the very beginning that losing weight didn’t give her the right to be a jerk and it went in one ear and out the other. It was fun watching Dee be the person who Patty could’ve been rather she was big or small. It seemed like every time Dee saw or heard of what Patty did wrong she just wanted to say, “why are you like this?”

Self-Responsibility and self-care are important.

Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

It wasn’t until Patty started trying to take responsibility for her actions that things kind of started looking up. She realized she was eating her problems instead of facing them during stressful times and it was an okay change for Patty as Rome wasn’t built in a day. Realistically we wanted her to do better but her newfound self awareness was short lived as she still continued to do a lot of shady things like stealing a food truck and attempting to kidnap her competition.

You don’t have to bring your past with you.

Patty’s mother was forever clutching on to her past which eventually led to her constant downfalls. I was always hoping Patty’s mother would figure it out even when she didn’t deserve hope.

Insatiable Was Supposed to Offend Me

Insatiable was supposed to offend us all but it was an exaggerated look at society. As someone who spent some time being bullied, I felt for Patty as she never really figured out that her appearance wasn’t the problem, her attitude was. People only treat you the way you allow them to do so and she allowed a lot until she didn’t. Before writing Insatiable off give the first two episodes a shot.

The show touches on love, stereotypes, fluid sexuality, women’s rights, and even classism. There’s always more to something that meets the eye. If you watch this show and all you get out of it is a fat girl gone skinny story than you were already at a disadvantage. Insatiable is so much more than that. I’m crossing my fingers for a season two as the finale episode left me in awe.

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  1. socamom says:

    I’m not finished with the show yet, but I love it so far! I agree. Weight was never the main issue here. Not for her or her coach.


    1. They just have some super serious self-esteem issues. It’s a great ending whatever you do, you must finish the show.


  2. what a great review! i had so many mixed feelings watching this show. the end never really felt like her issues were resolved though.

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    1. I think they did that because they knew they would get a second season.


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