Four Things to Avoid in Vegas

Las Vegas can be loads of fun for people who do it the right way. I’ve been a few times and I’m always amazed at all the neon lights and people. As someone who briefly lived in New York, I find it comical that their neighborhood New York is way cleaner than the actual New York. As someone that doesn’t gamble, I love Vegas it’s a decent getaway especially since getting a flight from Pittsburgh International is cheap now a days. After a few visits, I’ve learned what to avoid like the plague and it makes my vacation more relaxing.

Timeshare Presentations

They’re at the airport, the mall, the car rental space…these people are everywhere! They’re going to offer you dinner, a show, the stars, and the moon. Avoid these aggressive sales people like the plague. Even if they promise that they only need fifteen minutes of your time. Go the other way! Do not pass go, do not collect $100. They will tell you a million things to get you to show up and get very angry when you refuse to purchase anything I don’t see how what these guys do is legal but it’s America. You’re already on vacation so you’re not interested in looking at a timeshare or travel share.

Not Dressing Accordingly

The weather in Vegas can be temperamental at the end of the year. Summers are super hot like cook an egg on the sidewalk hot. October and November are interesting. It’ll be 40 degrees in the morning and seventy by the afternoon. Just dress for both or you’ll end up at H&M looking for a change of clothes because walking is hot and the streets go on forever. Speaking of walking, do your feet a favor and wear comfortable shoes as things on the Strip look closer than they appear.

Spending All the Time on the Strip

The lights are pretty; I get it! Don’t spend all your time on the Strip or you’ll miss out on some gems. Venture to Old Vegas, Container Park, the zip line on Freemont Street, and even The Mob Museum. I rent a car every time I’m in Vegas and we never know where we’ll up exploring.


You want a photo with the spot on Michael Jackson impersonator, the half-naked show girls, and even the terrible impersonators but do remember the photos aren’t free and they’ll add up after time. It’s kind of like the Times Square trap. Just be careful and don’t get too caught up with them.

Vegas is a good time and ensure every Vegas experience a great one. What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there. Take some photos and tell the world. What’s one thing you wished you knew to avoid in Vegas?

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