Six Shows to Stream Right Now

Who needs cable when I have Netflix, Disney Plus, Showtime, Prime, and HBO Max? No one saw HBO Max coming. I thought it was going to go the way of Quibi and then I saw the lineup and was in love. I have a Playstation and a Google Chromecast so between the two streaming can commence all pandemic. It turns out my favorite shows right now are pretty recent.

Vinland Saga (Amazon Prime)

Anime is an art. I don’t mind reading the subtitles because as a kid I grew up reading the captions to learn new words. This wasn’t my first anime and isn’t the last one but Vinland is so cool. It follows a young viking who is trying to avenge his father’s death on the battlefield. The kid has quite the determination and deals with battling his past and his present. My favorite part is the animation of course and there’s hope sprinkled all over the storyline here and there between fight scenes.

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

Based on the book of the same name this show is a Rollercoaster ride. A flight attendant name Cassie wakes up next to a dead guy. She doesn’t remember how he became dead because she’s a drunk and a very unreliable narrator. We follow her through this journey to solve the case and find all that she can about her one night stand in between her busy flight attendant schedule. It didn’t even bother me that this show released two episodes a week. This miniseries just got promoted to regular season come season 2.

The Uncanny Counter (Netflix)

Photo Credit 📸 Netflix


This also drops two episodes a week but it’s worth the wait. The writing is so good! The Uncanny Counter follows a group of demon hunters called counters as they fight evil spirits and solve crime. The subtitles aren’t a bother here. The fighting scenes are nothing short of awesome. Every episode is packed with twists and turns and the connections between the main characters will blow your mind away. Rumor has it that this show wasn’t supposed to have a second season but now they’re looking into it.

Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions (Netflix)

Photo Credit 📸 Netflix

This one is hilarious. I watch the dubbed version as it’s an option. This series follows Yuta at his new school ready for a fresh start only for that to be uprooted by Rikka. Rikka talks in circles and ropes everyone to join her magic club even if they don’t want to. The fact that she’s so good at roping everyone into doing things is magical within its self. She’s pretty annoying but grows on people. There are two seasons of this on Netflix. I haven’t finished it but I will.

Nailed It (Netflix)

Have you ever followed a recipe and still ended up with something completely different? Me, neither but this competition takes the best of the worst bakers and makes them compete for a cash prize. We get to watch the disasters occur in real time and it’s hilarious as it’s obvious that the contestants are having a good time while we’re questioning, “how did you get there?”

Grand Army (Netflix)

I saw no promotion what so ever for this show. It’s a miniseries and it reminds me of a grittier, realistic Degrassi. This drama follows the students of Grand Army and starts the day of an emergency lockdown due to a nearby bombing. It gets a little deeper when the lockdown forces people to cross paths that usually wouldn’t. It takes today’s problems and puts them in the forefront. It touches on topics like fitting in, racism, and inequality to name a few. The last episode leaves me to hope that there’s a second season as they didn’t flesh everything out in eight episodes.

Bonus: Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

Doom Patrol follows a group of okay Misfits with superpowers after tragedies and they just want to do good but have a bit of trouble adhering to that. They team up to find the guy who made them after he goes missing and find out that the world is weirder than they thought. Characters Cliff (the former race driver turned robot) and Jane (the young girl with over 60 alternate personalities and they all have their own powers) are standouts here. Doom Patrol will keep you busy laughing because not even the characters take themselves too serious here. Anything is possible and nothing is off that table.

I’m sure Netflix is just happy to see me watch something other than New Girl, The 100, and The Good Place for the hundredth time. What are you streaming?

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