Lead By Example: Why I Got Vaccinated

“Get last-minute vaccine appointment,” wasn’t in my Google Calendar yesterday but when I got the call to be in the Southside within an hour, I dropped everything and went. I almost forgot I had added myself to a waitlist that calls people when others cancel their appointments last minute. This keeps doctors from wasting a vile as they have a very short shelf life.

I was nervous as I don’t like shots. 32 year old me was sitting in front of a nurse with my shoulders up to my ears as she asked me to, “please relax.” I read people having adverse reactions and my response to that was millions of people successfully got vaccinated and that didn’t make the news half as much as the successes. After all, trainwrecks make for better news. 🤷🏿‍♂️ I relaxed and it took all of a minute to be vaccinated. I got my first of two Moderna shots and they stressed that I come back for the second. Are people not really going back for the second?

Yes, I was nervous, and still in my pajamas when I got the call. But I had to trust the science as I never want to sound like a hypocrite. I’ve been helping people get vaccinated and who would I be if I didn’t take the opportunity at my earliest convenience?

My friends who qualified did it and knowing the black community’s history with science I did it to prove a point. My best friend is nervous about getting it and leading by example is important. Being able to say, “this person got vaccinated and they’re fine” goes a long way in the community.

I love to travel. I want to get on a plane sometime this year. I want to use my actual passport again so if the only thing between me and adventure is a series of two shots, I’m game.

It’s been over twenty-four hours and the only symptoms I have are a headache, fatigue, and soreness at the injection site. I woke up this morning and it kind of reminded me of a Saturday morning hangover in college. All the educated people say that those side effects are a good sign. That means my immune system is upgrading itself.

I love science and with my big family loving our annual grab bag, we haven’t met in over a year. I got vaccinated for my family, community, and for anyone who can’t get vaccinated. I look forward to getting my second shot at the end of the month and two weeks after that I’m considered fully vaccinated.

If you’re in Pittsburgh and having trouble getting vaccinated please check out the Facebook Group “Getting Pittsburgh Vaccinated” and call around to pharmacies and ask to be put on a waitlist.

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