The Sousa-ical: A Song and Dance of Revitalization

“Community revitalization,” “Farm to table,” and now Chef Kevin Sousa is packing up and moving on to Mount Oliver to open his newest Mount Oliver Bodega Restaurant. The Post-Gazette write-up describes it as rustic cuisine. They’re breathing life into an old building. They’re on to new adventures. Sousa is excited about cooking again. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s because it is. Sousa has a pattern here. Find a hip upcoming neighborhood, get inspired, get funded, get bored, and get out.

There was the hot dog shop which ended in a lawsuit with his former Co-owners in East Liberty, then there was Garfield’s Salt of the Earth (NACL). I remember Salt fondly. I had never heard of Sousa before Salt of the Earth and I was excited to try his food as I heard so many great things about a guy who wanted to revitalize a community with his food. The restaurant was small and I wandered in because it was hip. I ordered a drink, and me and my friends looked at the menu which was written in chalk on the wall. I know it said “no substitutions” but I just needed them to remove the bacon from this particular dish. I inquired about my request and the waitstaff was kind and said they would ask the manager. Again, not knowing who he was at the time, Sousa came out and said, “no substitutions either take it or leave.” I never met a chef that didn’t want money but I said, “I guess I’ll leave.” Sousa left Salt in February 2014 to focus on Superior Motors which finally opened its doors in 2017.

Named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Places to visit Superior Motors was worth the three-year wait. After visiting Braddock, Sousa felt “ a deep connection to the town” and coincidentally in the same article he stated that his goal wasn’t to “come in, open a restaurant, and move on.” It took three years to get Superior Motors off the ground and it became one of the largest Kickstarters funded. Who knew in only 4 years Sousa would get bored and move on?

Rice Cakes/$13

Superior Motors hired people from the community and when they shut their doors during the pandemic they weren’t certain that it would be the last time they would be there with Sousa. However, the company did raise $20,000 via GoFundMe to help the staff make it through the pandemic.

As I used to be a neighbor to the restaurant, I would frequently stop by especially after events. It was cool they offered a 50 percent discount to Braddock Residents although most residents have never been to the restaurant. The only way I could describe my feelings towards this pattern is Anthony Bourdain’s words of coming to Superior Motors as “The Wire Experience.” People from all over came to this restaurant to experience Braddock and drive through the community to observe almost like one does when they check out a zoo.

Now that Sousa has distanced himself from yet another project, my questions are, what happens when he gets bored again? Does he not realize that his decisions affect jobs in these communities that he briefly invests in, and what was he doing all this time if he wasn’t inspired by food? If I was a community and saw this pattern I would have trust issues and ask for more investment in the form of what value are you adding to a community beyond food? It’s easy to gather people but it is incredibly hard to build community.

Hopefully, the future of the former Superior Motors building is bright. Hopefully, the next tenant, restaurant, person, organization, or business that goes in there starts with community at its core. Ask the community what it is they need and invest in that. Anything else is just white noise and just another song and dance.

Interview after interview I get told that Braddock is rescued and I smile and say, “tell that to the people that live here and are barely making it paycheck to paycheck. If this is rescued I would hate to know your definition of drowning.”

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  1. mattwein says:

    There’s danger in the assumption that the reason he moves on over and over is that he just loses interest. There isn’t a single reporter in the Pittsburgh area who’s taken the time to look into the circumstances surrounding the closings of these restaurants, the way this guy accrues nagging debt that builds and builds and follows him from place-to-place, or the ways in which his personal and professional conduct have done very real damage to people’s lives. He’s a grifter. What’s most troubling about Sousa isn’t that he’s so wildly condescending toward the communities he routinely exploits, that his White Savior complex is immeasurable, or even that he’s just a bad dude. What’s worst about this is that he’s executing the same grift over and over, and people keep buying it. When are people going to stop empowering this guy?

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    1. Yes! When I read the PG article yesterday about the Mount Oliver Bodega, I read it as Sousa closes yet another restaurant after exploiting the people and having a 300k Kickstarter funded.

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      1. stevenak66 says:

        So is SUPERIOR MOTORS now closing? Kick-starter, state grants, tax incentives…promises to be the “anchor” of a new 15104. Now its closing? Can you please clarify. I was shocked that there was no attempt to offer anything during COVID. So many other local places bent over backwards to accommodate the community and make a living. So, if Superior Motors closes what happens to all that work?

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      2. The investment company that owns the building is still invested in the Braddock Community. It’s most likely not going to be Superior Motors again but the next restaurant gives them a chance to be intentional and create ties in the community. Superior had a way of alienating residents and this new thing that can go in will hopefully build community.


      3. stevenak66 says:

        So are you saying after Superior Motors got tax breaks, state funding, 15104 bent over backwards to help him, ppl donated to their employees during covid (see pics of them holding cash on Insta) and they, for some reason, never even tried to open during the pandemic, that its now (the ANCHOR of the new Braddock) is closing??? Please clarify bc this is really concerning.

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  2. Angel Hawkins 2 says:

    You are spot on and i am so glad that someone brought this up and shed light a much needed topic kudos !!!


  3. Larry Bates says:

    Thank you!! Someone finaly has spoken the truth about him. He uses “Revitalizing” neighborhoods as a way to get cheap rent, subsidies, and white privilege investors. He did it in East Liberty with Salt, Union Pig and Chicken, and his Hot Dog Shop. It never lasts, he used Braddock, just like East Liberty.
    He used Braddock, now on to Mt. Oliver….

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  4. Thank you so much for succinctly stating what I have felt for so long. I am encouraging my readers not to support any more of Kevin Sousa’s efforts until he held personally responsible for what he’s done 3(!) times already.


  5. Anonymous 310 says:

    Just saw that he is moving on from his ‘bodega’ too. Take just one look at all the massive amounts of money in default judgements against him on the Department of Court Records website….it’s insane!


  6. Idiot investors says:

    You could’ve seen this coming a mile away. You can also blame the elitists who go along for ride funding stuff like this. It was clear from the outset that a concept that on paper, you couldn’t write a business plan remotely solid enough to get an actual loan, like most people do. It’s all the rich fucks who want to join in and pay for a cool place to hang out and gawk at the poor folks in the neighborhood, while patting themselves on the back on their way back to Shadyside. What a freaking joke. It won’t be long before the next group of idiots throw money at stupid shit like this.


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