Justice for Some

🗽🗽🗽Justice for Some America, your colors are showingForget red white and blueUnless you speak greenThe American government doesn’t give a damn about youIt’s capitalistic through and throughIt’s sold guns, jails and even people tooIt’s the American wayOur forefathers would sayBut honest Abe didn’t get gunned down with an AKWhile contently watching his playWe scream number…

Facebook is Creating a False Sense of Safe Space

Facebook started out as a cool exclusive site for college kids to college and once the site graduated into something bigger, so did the issues. Frankly, the bigger Facebook grows the bigger the headache it gives its users. Facebook used to be the cool place to hang out and now stats show that teens and…

& In Case

Strong enough to leave you But weak enough to need you Cared enough to let you walk away I took that dirty jacket From the trash right where you left it ‘Cause I couldn’t stand to see it go to waste “In Case” –Demi Lovato

& it’s gonna get crazy before it gets better

Couldn’t figure out a title for this one so I figured I’d post the lyrics to the song I’m listening to. Tynisha Keli’s “Conversation with God” is such an inspirational song. I swear listening to music is pretty calming. What’s been going on with me lately? Well I’m moving back in with my dad. Apparently…

& Went to See Batman Yesterday & I think it Was a Date

It was better than the rest of my dates all summer. I’ve had some awful dates this summer. It’s been weird. But this guy he’s kinda shy, I’m kinda shy (around him) and we hugged when he walked me to my car. I wanted to kiss him but I didn’t want to be too forward….