Justice for Some

🗽🗽🗽Justice for Some

America, your colors are showing
Forget red white and blue
Unless you speak green
The American government
doesn’t give a damn about you
It’s capitalistic through and through
It’s sold guns, jails and even people too
It’s the American way
Our forefathers would say
But honest Abe didn’t get gunned down with an AK
While contently watching his play
We scream number one for so many things
Except when it comes to health, education and freedom
American doesn’t even make the Varsity Team
We’re our biggest cheerleaders and worst critics
The rest of the world probably calls us narcists

Red white and blue probably make some shade of brown. Maybe like the Statue of Liberty when she first arrived to town.

📸 📸 📸 Unaltered Photo by Edoardo Colombo

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