You Can Be Laid Off and Get Unemployment

That’s my worst-case scenario in my head whenever 30 something old me threatens to leap before I look in my career. It’s my worst-case scenario because I’ve been there. Fresh out of college, one year into my first job, after they gave us a raise and gassed us up, they told us they made a…

Businesses Can’t Vote But Their Owners Do

I’ve never been good at being quiet. I got “talks excessively” marks on my report card on a regular basis. When I see something that is wrong, I speak on it. When I do something that doesn’t align with my personal beliefs or my mission in life, I step up and I apologize for it….

What the Future: Student Loans Are Super Sketch

Candidates are pushing student loan debt relief and they should as the current balance is over a trillion dollars. Student loan debt is a universal issue as it affects the elderly and millennials but what it did to the millennials was created a ripple effect that will take decades to repair the North American economy….