Businesses Can’t Vote But Their Owners Do

I’ve never been good at being quiet. I got “talks excessively” marks on my report card on a regular basis. When I see something that is wrong, I speak on it. When I do something that doesn’t align with my personal beliefs or my mission in life, I step up and I apologize for it.

Businesses Can't Vote But Their Owners Do

I support spending local in the name of sustainability, community growth, and entrepreneurship. However, I can only do this when my personal and political beliefs align with the local business or business owner(s). I’ve sat at the table with people who don’t believe in love and compassion in the name of conversation because as a natural born optimist, I’m always trying to see the other side. Although, I can be cordial with people who don’t share my same beliefs I can’t see myself helping to fill their pockets.

“Why would you choose not to go to a business because of their political beliefs? Businesses don’t vote.”

The answer is simple. Sure, businesses don’t vote but their owners do and those owners donate their time and money to their cause just like I donate time and money to mine. By doing business with that establishment, you’re risking your money potentially going to fund the things you don’t believe in. It’s simply counterproductive.

“If you tried to spend money on brands and places that shared your same political beliefs you’d get frustrated as there are more people than you think. There’s no way to know.”

That’s true but this statement is just an excuse for not trying. Avoiding establishments that are against progressing kindness in our communities is easier at a local level. It’s easy as “don’t go there.” Millennials are notoriously the conscious consumers and businesses are starting to see that.

When you get into corporations and franchises that gets a little murkier to sift through who believes what but when you can get to know your local businesses and what they stand for it makes it easier to decide if you should sit at the table or keep it moving.

“Isn’t it cruel to hold someone’s beliefs against them?”

Not when their beliefs interfere with the improvement of everyone else. You simply cannot preach progress and do things to hinder that progress. It’s like that meme where the guy jams a stick in the bicycle he’s riding and wondering why he doesn’t get anywhere. It doesn’t make sense.

What do you believe in?

I believe in shopping local, affordable education and Healthcare for everyone. I believe in freedom of speech and equality. Individuality, teamwork, and pro immigration, and not having an opinion is worse than a bad one. Knowing what you stand for and where your values align is essential to conscious spending.

Do you consciously spend your money places that align with your political or personal beliefs?

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