& All Swiped Out

You shouldn’t be able to shop for a soulmate the same way you find your next pair of shoes.  — Me (In a recent conversation with my best friend)   Recently, I was thinking about online dating again and as tech savvy and innovative as I consider myself, I just can’t get down with it….

& Tinder, Love and Comedy

Today I deleted Tinder for the third time in the last whirlwind of a year. Tinder was an experiment and a lazy effort to put myself out there to explore what else the world had to offer while I was taking a break from my junior high sweetheart. An article in Cosmo intrigued me about…

Happy Mon(Daè)

Monday’s are hard. They are so hard that after spending ten minutes procrastinating in bed about something to wear, I finally got to my bus stop two minutes before the bus came. On the way into work I tripped on an empty plastic bag while I was trying to order my Monday Salted Caramel Mocha….