Happy Mon(Daè)

Monday’s are hard. They are so hard that after spending ten minutes procrastinating in bed about something to wear, I finally got to my bus stop two minutes before the bus came. On the way into work I tripped on an empty plastic bag while I was trying to order my Monday Salted Caramel Mocha. Everyone laughed and I was just “I’m okay.” I was ready for the weekend to be over!

 I had a crazy weekend. A weekend that involved closed to no photos being because Friday happened and Saturday I spent my day helping my bestest friend in the whole wide world. That’s the least I do for her coming to my rescue Friday!

What I’ve Been Rocking

oct11 oct113 oct114

Jeans: Forever21 ($8) Shirt (Burlington $11) — The Curls are back temporarily ♥


Finally got my necklace and I’ll try to feature it next Monday! It’s an awesome statement necklace. Check out www.mirinacollections.com for the awesome jewelry. “Justdae” will get you 20% off.


I’m being Harley Quinn for Halloween. For the last three year’s I’ve been Wednesday Addams. So this ought to be interesting.

Now Playing

Meghan Trainor – “Better When I’m Dancing” — It makes me want to dance no matter what I’m doing. I stop and sing to this.

Kelsea Ballerini- “Dibs” — Cutest song I’ve heard in a very long time. I love the lyrics.

Tech I Need To Try


Chromecast | I’m a bit of a tech nerd always fixing computers and web designing and teaching myself awesome stuff with technology. I already have the first generation Chromecast but the new one comes in wonderful colors. I don’t care what anyone says Chromecast is awesome. For $35 you get a device that you plug into your TV and it pings anything that can be watched on your phone on your TV. Multiple people can cue Youtube playlists. My mom has one and I have one. I have to check the specs to see if it’s worth the upgrade besides the color. Even Spotify works with Chromecast.

Happy Links

I love news that makes me happy and here are few things that made me happy to start my week.

20 Times Jessica Day was Your Spirit Animal

23 Things People Who Love Wine Should Own

What Happens When You Use Tinder To Make Friends

(Uhh I’ve been saying this needs to be a thing for like months now & someone was brave to do it.)

Well until next Mon(Daè) guys and gals. Have a positive week.



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