–& On Poetry

Mood. Content
Lyrical Status. None

Just finished reading “Midnight” by Sister Souljah and it was the best. It diverted my attention away from my real thought process & I appreciated it. Not a lot of books can do that anymore. I love living in my little fantasy world. That’s where my reading and writing traps me.

Without writing I would feel like I was drowning and trapped in a sea
of cold hard reality.
Writing gets me by and keeps me swimming against the tide.
Writing is my breath of air when I feel
as if I can’t breathe.

Writing finds words
when I can’t bring myself to speak.
Writing is my passion and one of
my closest companions.

Without writing I don’t think I would have learned
how to swim against the tide.
I don’t think I would have gathered the strength
to swim
against the roaring waves.
I would’ve never found a passion,
 I would’ve never felt so at ease.
This is what writing does for me.

It gets rid of the thoughts of danger lurking
outside on the streets.
I don’t fear walking down the street
in my community that I call home.
I live in my writings.
I know all of my characters.
Their like my second family.
It’s like my second reality.
It got me through the parents divorce,
the step’s dad’s jail career, the sperm donors failures
and the ex boyfriends negativity.

Writing gives me strengths to
walk away when I feel like I can’t.
Writing also helps me hold on when I feel like
I want to let go.
Writing is my drug, my natural high
It keeps me trapped in positivity and
looking up to the sky.
Writing is the tears
when I can’t bring myself to cry.

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