–& Perfection

Currently Feeling.

Lyrical Status. “Perfume” by Chris Brown

–& Sporadic Thoughts (Something I wrote)

We waste our whole lives looking for the perfect one
not realizing we’re missing out
on the perfectly flawed people who make us smile,
when we believe it’s the end of the world.

I’ve realized I’m not giving up on perfection.
I’m just going to forget the definition of flawed and perfect
and remember how it feels to love and laugh.
So what if he he know s how to make me cry but he knows
how to make me smile too.

Prince charming is overrated I’ll settle for the average guy who can
do extraordinary things.

–& Eye Candy (Some of my beautiful Designs I’ve Created)

My Katy Perry Blend I created since I love this chic so much. lolz

My Nicki Minaj Banner, I loved the pic so I copied it a bunch of times & created a rough background.

My Tynisha Keli Blend. I love her music also.

Music is my inspiration for everything

–& Plugz (Check out my site)

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