& Why I Don’t Wear Make Up

So as I get older a lot of my friend around me are indulging in make up. I’m like umm yeah not for me. I don’t count my crazy collection of Victoria’s Secret lip gloss as make up because it only takes five seconds to put on and I don’t necessarily need a mirror. The eye shadow, the bronzer, the concealer, the lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, and blush simply isn’t for me. I’m a on the go type of girl and I have valid reasons why I’m not a make up girl.

1. I’m simply uncoordinated: I could lose an eye with those sharp eye liner pencils. It just all sounds like a bad idea.

2. I’m beautiful as is: If I stared wearing make up no one would remember what my actual face would look like. I’ve been gifted enough to look younger than I am. Why look older?

3. I have sensitive skin: I’m afraid things might turn out worse than they started.

4. It’s expensive: I have a shoe collection, a Cosmo collection, a jean collection. I do not need a make up collection.

5. I have no clue to what I’m doing: I like to leave make up to the pros. I don’t know what goes together and what doesn’t. My mother never got into make up. So if you need someone to help you make someone look like a clown I’m your girl. 

6. Oh and did I say because I’m a beautiful? : Many girls who wear make up don’t need it. It’s just a security blanket.

Do you wear make up? Is it your addiction? Why do you feel you need it?

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  1. that’s so awesome, i’m glad you found something that you liked! ;]


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