& My Beauty Pageant Experience

Everyone’s talking about the Miss Universe pageant that just passed & as a fan of beauty pagents I’m over it. I never noticed how much work and (cough) money goes in to a pageant until I entered one.

I applied for Miss Pennsylvannia, just to see if I would get accepted. You have to send a photo and fill an application about yourself and I did, and then they hit you with the money part. You have to pay a one hundred dollar non refundable entry fee, and get about nine hundred dollars worth of sponsors in order to even be in the pageant . I come from a poor community so finding sponsors would’ve been like mission impossible. Sometimes I still think what if, and maybe one day I really will do it, when the funds are in the right place. So after buying a dress, paying your entry fee and donations, your place in a pageant will have cost you well over a thousand dollars and if you don’t win you just hope someone sees you and says “Hey she should be a model, let’s give her a contract.” and if your not that lucky you just wasted your money.

You may have wasted your money if you lose, but I feel like entering such a pageant wouldn’t be a complete waste of time. Doing things out of my character tends to give me a rush. This exhilarating feeling like I can conquer the world.

I don’t quite know what to think of Miss Universe pageant anymore. It would be something I would try out but it’s also scary because I’m like is it worth it? What happens if I lose? What do you think of beauty pageant? Would you ever try out for Miss USA?

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