Have you tried Nail Stickers? I have & So Far Not So Good!

So I posted my very first web blog. Don’t mind the crappy quality it gets better. Anywho, I’ve been buying those cute Nail Stickers a lot lately so I decided to test them out. You can find them in different patterns and colors and they run you from 7-12 dollars depending on what brand you buy. Today I tried Claires Neon Nail Stickers. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. After fifteen minutes of putting them on these bad boys slid right off. Have you tried nail stickers? If so which ones do you like? How do you get them to stay? I even tried putting clear nail polish over them and that still didn’t work. Look out for more VLogs specifically the “What’s in my Closet” segment that I wanted to try for so long.

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  1. I loved this! Heck yeah! I have the same problem! They are so annoying to get on and only stays on my nail for 5 minutes before they start to “bubble” :D! But this was great, loved your post<3 – and yeah! I’m sometimes like that too! People tells me “don’t” and what do I do? Do it. Haha :D<33 rec’d<3


  2. Thank you for the comment 🙂


  3. yes i love those tv shows! and i’m asking people to give me a bunch of minis because it gives me credits, and i need 10,000 credits to get a new username and i have about 8,500! thanks for helping it means a lot!


  4. frostingg says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂


  5. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! + i’ve dried the nail stickers and they never work for me! :/ ❤ kaybree


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