&– American Education & Another Impulsive Decision

&– American Education & Another Impulsive Decision


005 Days Until my Driver’s Test

Since lately I’ve been full of impulsive decisions like quitting my customer service job I held for five years and dropping out of graduate school after three weeks, I’ve decided that I really want to relocate so I’ve been applying for jobs in Atlanta Georgia.  Apparently, there are lots of writing jobs everywhere but Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love my city but unless you’re a nurse or an IT guy you’re going to have a field day full of weeks of frustration trying to find a job that makes you content. I do not intend on being a secretary for the rest of my life and it frustrates the heck out of me to go to work every day and actually hate it. At least at my customer service job, the customers were friendly and I didn’t feel like a slave.  I feed off of the thrill of adventure and moving somewhere new would so help me thrive. My mother’s been thinking about moving for a while so I’m trying to give her motivation to move. I know wherever I go she goes with me because she’s my buddy. She’s the most amazing mother a woman could possibly ask for. She’s crazy, quirky and a little over the top sometimes but I wouldn’t trade her.

I’ve also been exploring my views on college. For years, our elders have been feeding us the American Dream in a post American Dream society. We are so beyond that point. Sometimes I’m referring to is as the American Nightmare. I don’t want to own a house, I may rent for the rest of my life and I’m totally okay with that and I’m going to have to go down kicking and screaming when it comes the decision of children and marriage. I’m so terrible making commitments. But anywho, about college,  I think it needs some kind of work because where it stands now the American College system is somewhat of a scam. I mean you have thousands of students in a shit load of debt (excuse my French) and then you have the president of the University who’s starting salary is at least 300,000 dollars. Some University Presidents make millions of dollars a year. Wonder why tuition goes up every year? It’s to pay the person at the top or so I’m convinced. I mean what does the University President do? How often do you see your University President? If I would’ve known what I know now I don’t know if I would have went about college the same way.

& Exciting News
Going to dinner with my Jimmerz (I met him freshman year before he dropped out he showed me and my gal friends around Oakland and we’ve been catching up recently). I like going out drinking with him he’s so laid back and easy going. If I wasn’t so anti relationships I would so consider dating him.

&& Not so exciting news: I think I’m getting sick which doesn’t happen often but I can feel it coming on. (sigh)  So far my blog more in April Resolution has been going well but it’s only the seventh.

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  1. I don’t hope you will get sick!<3 Yeah that quote made me think too! And thanks for the comment sweetheart!<333


  2. rehab_party says:

    thanks darling well if you’re bad then i am too cause i really hate that show.My sister adores it so i often make icons for her, but there is clearly something wrong with those people. And especially that devil of a mother and that kim. Gosh i can’t stand them. However i think that son of her is funny sometimes along with scott. i love his hateful humor towards Kim etc 😛 And i hope you don’t get sick! And otherwise that you get well soon!Also your mom sounds really sweet! Good luck with your school :)btw very cute background!


  3. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! gluck on your driving test! ❤ kaybree


  4. @ouhthatblush –  thanks a bunch I’m confident that I’ll pass but its a toss up@Be_happy_Be_you –  @rehab_party – Thank you


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