& I Won Mac Miller & Wiz Khalifa Tickets


Hello everyone. I’m glad it’s Friday! These weeks seem so long yet so fast at the same time. I can’t believe summer is almost over. Whoa! Anywho, my week wasn’t bad at all. I’ve been super busy at work but that’s life. I won tickets to see Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller tomorrow. I was pulling into my parking space at home while listening to the radio and I decided to call in and take my chances. Turns out I was the ninth caller. I’m excited. I haven’t been to a concert in forever. I’ve never won anything off the radio.  It’s going to be fun. I asked the guy who I went to see Batman with if he wanted to go and he has other plans. He’s the king of mixed signals I swear. If he doesn’t make it clear soon he’s going to fall victim to the friend zone. I’m taking my brother’s girlfriend with me. It ought to be fun. The last concert I went to was 2AM Club and it doesn’t count because I help set that up.

& I’m getting sickly again

The not so great news is I’m pretty sure my sinuses are draining and my allergies hate me. I don’t suffer from them often but when I do it gets me. I mean the late night migraines and the bright lights tend to irritate me. SMH  I also should probably make it to a doctor soon. My back’s been killing me. It’s not like ridiculously terrible because I have a high tolerance for pain but it’s definitely annoying. My mom tends to think it has something to do with the accident in June but it was in June. Why would I just now start hurting? (sigh)

& The Parents & Parties

I can’t wait for the concert though! I’m so freakin’ excited. I’m going to get pedis with my mom tomorrow. I love her. She’s having a party on Sunday and I’ll be cleaning all I can to help her for it. She’s so crazy but I wouldn’t trade her and her craziness for the world. Everyone complains about their parents being prudes. I didn’t get prudes for parents. I have parents where I have to advise on good and bad ideas sometimes and getting advice from either of them is like good luck. It’s an interesting dynamic though. I’ve been getting a great amount of writing done and I’ve been reading too.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Please expect concert photos.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! congrats on winning tickets! ❤ kaybree


  2. thank you sweetheart! &+ i hope you have fun at the concert! can’t wait to see the pics! ❤ 🙂


  3. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks! ❤ kaybree


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