& Concert was awesome, Summers basically over & I’m on Vacation from work


The Under the Influence of Music concert was awesome. I must start off by saying, I’ve never seen so many drunk people and high people in one place. The First Niagara Pavilion is like one big park and a lot of people get lawn seats to just chill out. Lemme be clear, there are no actual seats on the lawn, you either buy an overly priced beach chair or stand. We choose the second option. There were people passed out every which way but the music was awesome. Mac Miller was my favorite act to see live. He killed it broken arm and all. I’d definitely spend money on him next time he comes to town. He showed love for the Burgh. Chiddy Bang was also nice. Surprisingly I left in the middle of Wiz Khalifa’s set because I was tired of standing and he was boring the hell out of me.

As far as life, summer’s been okay so far. It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster but the good times outweigh the bad.  My insurance claim is still open. The teenager who hit me, his parents don’t want him to take any fault for it because he’s such a great kid. -_- (Insert Sarcasm Here).  Progressive constantly reminds me to pay them every month and now I’m paying insurance on a totaled car. They’re taking their merry time paying me. Every time I see Flo on the commercials I raise my brow. Progressive isn’t really about progress at all. They just want your money.

I went to my cousin’s 17 and 19th birthday. They’re sisters and celebrated together. I love the two of them. I’ve watched them grow up over the years. Their friends swore I was sixteen. I don’t look a day over 20 apparently. I can’t believe I’ll be 24 in February. We played a bunch of games, watched this crazy movie and later on me and my cuzzo ate vodka gummy bears. They’re awesome and always a hit whenever I bring them to a function.

I’m having a sleepover with my college friends this Friday. I have so much cleaning to do but it’s worth it. I love them like sisters. Living with them made me glad that I wasted all this money on a degree and I can’t find a job. Sometimes I question college when I’m paying my student loan bills. It’s like I paid thousands of dollars to live on campus, learn how to guzzle vodka like it’s water and make new friends. That sounds terrible doesn’t? College was pretty darn easy if you ask me. I don’t see how people fail. It’s like some people go out of their way to flunk or something.  Anywho, I have to get them all together before my former roomie Dawnese leaves for the Air force. I love her and I don’t want her to go but that’s her decision and she’s made up her mind so we’ll enjoy her while we have her. I went to Dave & Busters with my bestie Jaz last weekend and it was okay. I stayed over he boyfriend’s and drove home. It was all kind of boring if you ask me but I love D&B. I now have like over a thousands tickets. I’m such a big kid. If only I would go to the casino and gamble like I play games at D&B. Lolz

I’ve been thinking about what’s next for me and my goal is not to still be a secretary by the end of 2013 & that’s a realistic goal. Usually I’m pretty good with accomplishing things that I need to happen. I’m on my vacation from work. They kind of sprang it on me last minute that I needed to use my vacation days before the end of the month. I’m also going out with my friend Jimmerz later. I met him Freshman year, he dropped out and senior year I discovered him on Facebook. He’s awesome. We go out to eat and drinking to catch up.

(Stories through the eyes of my iPhone)

(Me at D&B the other night. I got so many compliments on these jeans from KMart that I found for $11 bucks)

(The Birthday girls & they do look like twins omg but they’re two years a part. Randi & Roi)


(20 something thousand people at First Niagara showing love for Mac Miller)

I bought these leggings because they were five bucks and they’re zebra print. I love zebra print I have zebra print bedding.

How’s your summer been? Been to any concerts? Anything exciting?

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