& What I’m Wearing

& I’ve been saying I was going to do this since forever & here goes nothing

Everyone is always asking me where I shop, and where did I get these pants or this shirt or those shoes, so I thought I’d do a couple of posts every so often on what I’m wearing, where it’s from and how you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look fabulous.

Glo Above & Beyond

Shirt $7 (Kmart)

Jeans $10 (Kmart)
Betsey Johnson Bag $50 (Ebay) –Worth the Splurge & the cheapest place to find a Betsey now a days
Sneaker Wedgest $34 (GoJane) –The most comfortable pair of wedges a girl can own
Cut Out Ring Duo $11 (GoJane)

Pretty in Pink

Blazer $20 (Wetseal) (I have to wash it to shrink it, their return policy on clearance item is sucky so I can’t exchange it. I still love it)
Bracelet $7 (Charlotte Russe)
Pearl Necklace $5 (Claires)
Pants $15 (Rue21)
Ballet Flats $15 (Rue21)

Mad in Metallic

Shirt: $2 (Rue21)
Bracelet $7 (Charlotte Russe (Part of a trio; I mix & match them)
Blazer $10 (Citi Trends) -I use this blazer for everything. It’s amazing. I also bought a skirt but to match but I have way too much ass.
Shoes: $15 (Rue21) –It’s time to retire them, I wore these ballet flats out.

& this is my closet. I’m going to stop buying new stuff and finally wear some of the old stuff.

& its a little closet with a lot of stuff. ♥♥

Like this idea? Don’t like this idea? Lemme know.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this! So fun. Great idea!


  2. vanityqts says:

    you’re so gorgeous! and you look fabulous!! ♥


  3. summereque says:

    Love the idea XD!!!


  4. It is. Great idea, I loved it, I thought I had a lot of stuff lol


  5. awe, thanks sweetie! 🙂 &+ i loved this idea, you have some fabulous clothes! i esp. love that Betsey bag. ❤ 🙂


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