& Driving, Dating & Halloween

They all have something in common. They’re quite scary if you ask me. My car (the one my dad gave me) broke down but it’s only because it was quite broken when he gave it to me after the accident but I’m grateful. I also decided to buy shoes instead of getting the part I need for the car. Cars are way too expensive and quite frankly I hate driving. I was so excited to get stuck in traffic and pay for gas every week. You have to be kidding me…overrated.

Dating is so uber complicated now a days. I’ve been working on not dating especially after being in a relationship for seven years. This one guy who’s like a brother to my best friend is always trying to get me to talk to him and finally I admitted to my best friend that me and him would never work out. One is simply because he has this rough attitude and that’s so not my type. He’s been to jail numerous times and he has a kid. That’s way too much baggage and I have standards. They may be super high standards but they exist and I refuse to settle for less.

Me and my best friend’s boy toy sat debating on this issue with her all the way home from the Halloween Party we went to Saturday and she was appalled that he agreed with me. Dating people with children is scary and I want no parts. We told her that her opinion was biased because she has children and she knows dude.

The Halloween party was awesome. I met Elvis and my Wednesday Addams costume was a hit yet again. The party was hosted by my friend Mark who always throws great parties. It was definitely an adventure.

Me & my bestie (I was in the delivery room when she was born) ♥

Me, Elvis & Jack

(Loved this costume so much I wore it for a second year)

I also went to Kennywood with my former roommate Jas (I miss living with her) and rode The Black Widow. I thought I was going to die. Never again…now I see why Chris was screaming so loudly.

(It was cold and this was in way fun!)

Would you date someone with children if you didn’t have any? Do you have any Halloween plans?

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  1. super cute outfit! My boyfriend has a kid, he’s 6. Now he only gets him every other weekend so it’s not like he’s around all the time but it has not been an issue for me at all. In fact, I wish i could spend more time with the two of them!


  2. Love your Halloween costume girll! sounds like you had a blast at the party. 🙂 &+ my Halloween plans consist of giving out candy and going to an amusement park w/ the fam for Hallo-Fun! 🙂 hope you’re having a great weekend! ❤ 🙂


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