& Don’t Have a Job But I’m Still Getting Paid for December

(That’s my Christmas tree I decorated–Happy Holidays everyone)

Well since I’m getting paid for working the rest of December, I’ve taken the time to focus on writing my stories. I spoke to one of my favorite best selling authors on Facebook and hopefully they’ll publish one of my amazing pieces of fiction. I’ve taken this time to sit back and really think about what the heck I want to do with the rest of my life. I swear I had it all figured out in college and then I graduated and yeah the real world happened I guess. I just know I don’t want to be a secretary ever again and whatever I do will utilize my creativity and my people skills.

I went car shopping with my daddy this week. I think I want to get back on the road by this summer. It’s time to suck it up. That accident that happened in June shook me up a bit but it’s time to try it out again. He’s getting a new car today. I’m happy for him because he deserves to treat himself. I’m going to get an awesome car in the future. It turns out that my thing for not liking to owe anyone ever, has my credit looking peachy. That excites me for my future. I’m just enjoying being around my family right now. Most people would be upset with getting laid off during the holidays but I see it as a blessing. God wants me to move on from this chapter in my life and I’m totally ready to. What’s next? Nobody knows but I know when it hits me it’s going to be amazing. I can’t believe I’ll be 24 in two months. I so didn’t know what I pictured adulthood to feel like, I just know it isn’t where I am now. I’m actually happier now that I let go of that job that depressed me. They have to pay me severance and they’re adding my vacation days into my last paycheck because let’s face it, I deserve it.

Thank goodness I finished my holiday shopping at the end of the November. I did all of my shopping online. I have to get my dad and my brother something though. They’re so hard to shop for. I’ll probably get them a few outfits. How’s your holiday season going? Anyone stressing over finals/

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