& Maybe Technology Has Made Dating a Bit More Complicated


Text messaging has to be one of the worst ways to get to know someone that you’re interested in dating. Text messaging leaves so much room for interpretation and it doesn’t seem as personal as picking up the phone and calling someone or going to a movie together. I think I’m going to make an effort to talk on the phone more often rather than text a person. Talking to the person is quicker but the downside is what if you call a person who you’re interested in and they really don’t know how to hold conversation over the phone. Maybe the fact that my generation texts so much that we all forgot how to talk on the phone. I know I text more than I talk but I didn’t know that most people text because they tend to say things they wouldn’t usually over the phone or face to face. I’m also not comfy with the “send me a pic” conversation that most guys ask after meeting you once. One time I sent a guy a picture of my smiling face and he asked for something a bit more and I found the nicest way to say “no I don’t know you like that”. I think that guy thought it was a bit uptight but there’s a line drawn somewhere. What happened to let’s go out to dinner and movie get to know each other and talk a bit on the phone before we actually get into bed together or you ever get to see me naked? It took me almost a year into dating my ex to tell him that I loved him. The seven on and off again years we were together, we never had sex. It had a lot to do with him in the Navy but we had this amazing mental connection. That’s what means the most to me. If a guy can stimulate my mind, that’s a total win because that’s a hard feat. Do you think technology makes dating a bit more complicated? Do you text more than you talk on the phone now a days?

& Being a Big Sister is So Hard

Oh my gosh especially when you’re a big sister to an adult. Me and my younger brother are a year a part and all we do is argue because he does everything wrong. He’s 22 in years but maturity wise he’s still 17 I kid you not. I love him to pieces but my oh my, it seems we still argue as much as we did when we were eight. We’re polar opposites and we have no idea how to communicate with each other. Sometimes it feels like we’re walking on rocks.  It gets to the point where my patience will run out and I’ll immediately shut down in an effort to not say anything I will regret. I’m known for being completely honest to a person when it comes to keeping it real with family. All I want him to do is go out and want to have a job but he doesn’t want to work. I don’t understand. I’ve tried everything. I even got him a job and he got fired within a week. I guess you can take the horse to the well but you can’t force him to drink. He has so much potential. He has a whole music studio but he stopped DJ-ing for some reason. That my friend, was income but he doesn’t want to work even if it’s something he likes. All he wants to do is roam the streets acting like a statistic and its sad. My older brother is in jail. He’s been in and out his entire 27 years of life but he has at least moments of maturity. My younger brother does not. My mom keeps saying it wrong for me to consider him mentally incarcerated but that’s what I feel like when I’m talking to him. One day he actually said “I’m waiting for you and mom to get me a job.” I just stood there blankly staring at him like “You want me to what?”. I’ve worked since I was 17 non stop sometimes even more than one job. I liked having financial freedom. There’s nothing like it. I also like to get into a car and just go somewhere. Having a license is another type of freedom. My brother has no interest in that either. All he wants to do is his girlfriend and smoke weed all day. I wish you could buy motivation and ship it to people because I so would. I’m trying to understand it but I’m lost here. Hopefully by the end of 2013 he’ll understand that his role model might not be the best one if he has one. I’m always telling him that I yell at him because I love him and want to teach him how to conduct himself but he doesn’t get it. Maybe he will one day.  Do you have a little brother or sister? As an adult do they still drive you up the wall?

& My Hair Was Way Too Excited to Go Natural
After six months my natural hair journey is over. I permed my hair yesterday because my hair was way too thick, kinky and excited for the natural thing. I have these little experimental hair phases and now that I know what my natural hair feels like, I’m cool perming it. My mom was looking out as a little kid that’s why she didn’t give me a chance to be a little natural baby. Lolz

We finally moved into the new house. It’s pretty nice. I’ll post some pictures when I’m finished unpacking. My only complaint is my super small closet. I have a million clothes and shoes and I have no idea how I’m going to make everything fit but I guess if there’s a will there’s a way.


(Photos from the lens of my iPhone)

These pajamas are uber warm. I love them and they are the best Christmas present ever.

The other night I went out drinking with my friend Kayla from college and her boyfriend. They are the cutest couple ever. We had a blast.

This photo is from 2007, the last Christmas my older brother was home for. He’s the very tall one and the one in the Santa hat is my younger one. They’re both are a pain in the behind but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Other people see them differently than I do but I know their real potential and I’ll keep pushing them even if I have to get yelled at it before because that’s what family does. Family is there even when you don’t want them to be.



The Heist [Explicit]

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