& Words Hurt Most of All

“We didn’t let it break us, we built a cast around our broken hearts and signed it ourselves “They were wrong.”
“We are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on some highway and if we are don’t worry we only got out to walk and get gas. We  are graduating members from the class “We Made It.”
–Shane Koyczan

While watching this video it almost brought me to tears because as a child I was picked on and bullied to the point where I would come home in tears every day telling my mom I didn’t want to go to elementary school because they called me names like “Charnight” and “Blacky”. They called me names because I was darker than them. A lot of the people that picked on me didn’t even get to know me, they saw me and didn’t like me and I would come home wishing I could have lighter skin so everyone in class would like me more. As an adult, I still remember, it still hurts but I don’t wish I could be anything than I am. In fact I’m sort of thankful for the people who picked on me because it made me stronger. It made me skin thicker and it made me realize at an early age that everyone won’t like you. It also made me realize that being different wasn’t a bad thing and there wasn’t a problem with me. People that bullied me truly had a problem with themselves. I got shoved and pushed and my hair pulled but now I smile because it didn’t make me bitter it just made realize how bad words do hurt and makes me aware of the things I say to everyone. You never know what anyone is going through inside.

Do you still remember the names you were called as a kid if you were bullied?


(Photos from my iPhone)

Took this today. After I stopped unpacking for today. I have so much stuff.

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