& To understand me you have to meet the people I’ve met and see the places I’ve seen. These things are behind my optimism.

Scarf: Burlington ($7)
Jeans: Rue21 ($24)
Shirt: Rue21 ($7)
Boots: Myhotshoes ($20)

Watching a documentary on two police officers who give eight drug dealers a second chance by assisting them to get their life on the right path. The officers help some of them get their GED and even drives some of them to job interviews.  So far in the five months of the program, two have been arrested for going back on to the street. It’s amazing how much potential some people have but use it the wrong way. I know so many people who rather work in the streets than go out and get a legitimate job. After seeing my father destroy his life, and put my mother through hell, I could never date a drug dealer.

My 22 year old brother wonders why I’m always yelling at him and it’s only because I want him to do better than my father because he has it in him

& What I’ve been up to lately

I’ve been interviewing for jobs. I interviewed last week and it was pretty good. I’m slightly optimistic. I really want something that’s a salaried position being that I have a degree and my last job was salary pay. I’ve also finally finished unpacking. I’ve been driving a lot more, sharing the car with my mother. I’m planning a cruise for October, it’s gonna be awesome. If I don’t find a job pretty soon I’m just gonna apply for a summer job with Americorps. The job would include helping children in my community. I love my community and I love children so I’m not questioning it all.

I didn’t go out this year for St. Patty’s day and it feels all types of weird. My one best friend is being a responsible adult because she has children, my college bestie went to the Airforce. My other friends, well they’ve been kind of sorta booed up and I’m so not about that life right now. My one friend called me this morning because he wanted me to go to church with him this morning. I’m so not about that life either. I spent the last three days with my nephews. They drove me crazy but I love them.

I won these pants on Instagram from GoJane [I’m forever shopping there]


(Photos from my iPhone)

Burlington from head to toe. I love that store. My coat was only $15, Scarf was $7 and the shoes were $19.

Finally tried this Color Whisper lipstick and it feels amazing. It’s the softest
lightest lipstick I’ve ever used. I don’t like the shade I got but
I’ll definitely pick up a different red.
Everyone knows I don’t wear any make up besides lipstick or lip-gloss.

blazer: Rue21 ($7)
Skinny jeans: Rue21 ($25)
Converse Sneakers: Drjays ($25)
Necklaces: gifted

Blazer: Wet Seal ($24)
Jeans: Rue21 ($15)
Sneakers: Gojane ($24)
Necklace: Forever21 ($5)
Rings: Gojane ($10)

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  1. Good luck on the job search, and I love how you are documenting your ootd!


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