& I Finally Found Out How to Move My Blog

& I finally discovered how to move my blog
I loved my little family at Xanga and now everyone’s all everywhere because Xanga did something (I don’t quite know what it is they did.) So I decided to move my blog here. I’m actually going to need this more than anything right now.  Writing keeps my life in order. I discover things that about myself that I didn’t know until after the words are on the paper.

& Life Update

After a year of moving from temporary gig to temp work, I might have something solid career wise. I’m going to flight attendant training next month for two months. I’m excited but also nervous because that means I would have to move out of Pittsburgh & I kind of like it here. 

& ReIntroduction 

Addiction: Buying clothes
Birthday: February 13
Current mood: content

Fav animals: Puppies
Fav cartoon: Regular Show
Fav colour: Purple
Fav food: Tacos
Fav hobby: Writing fiction

Last person I texted: Mommy
Relationship status: Single
What I look for in a significant other: Patience, kindness, strength and  ambition.

Where I’m from: Pittsburgh
Height: 5’5″
Morning routine: Wake up, brush my teeth, fix my hair & throw clothes on. I usually do that in fifteen minutes tops.

Five Random Facts About Me: 

  • I finish a novel a year.
  • I went zip lining last summer and it was exhilarating.
  • I’ve traveled more without a job than I ever did when I was permanently employed.
  • I like odd numbers
  • I won an all expenses paid trip to San Diego to meet Lea Michele.


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