& Unwritten

I thought about calling but I knew your wouldn’t answer. I keep you in prayers before I fall asleep. I still think about you dream about you as if we still speak. It weird because even when I don’t like you I love you. I’ll never be able to give my everything to someone the way I gave my all to you. You know what they say. First loves the hardest and that first cuts the deepest.

We go through this scenario where I hurt you, you hurt me and we just don’t tell each other so nobody knows. Communication error.
Someone had to step up & realize its not healthy or mature.  Who’s to say it would be different this time??

Maybe my expectations from you were way too high. Maybe my issues with perfection made me miss out on what we had. Maybe I wanted you to give more than you could give. Maybe I was questioning if we were real or just playing make pretend.
Back and forth back and forth it was nothing like a romantic comedy. The goods outweighed the bad even though when we were bad we were twisted but when we were good it felt perfect. Maybe that’s as perfect as it got.

Untitled- Written By Me (2012)
Found this in my phone. I wrote it after my car crash.

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