& 25 Years

“Your 20s are your screw up years. No one has it together yet…” –everyone

It took 25 years for me to not care what people think of me.
I wish I would’ve know it was so peaceful.
I love who I’ve become and I know it took a while to get here.
It took a while for the childhood wounds on my self-esteem to heal.

I no longer look to people for their approval but demand their respect.
I no longer linger in the past because I don’t believe in regrets.
Every tiny experience has taught me something and at the time,
Even my bad ideas were enjoyable.

I’ve embraced the things people used to break me.
Created an armor with the stones people threw at me.
Now every flaw, every quirk is appreciated.
I’m not afraid to exit my comfort zone.
I’m not afraid to lose.

It took 25 years for me to realize that I’m the gate keeper of my inner peace
and no one can get through if I don’t let them.
I wish I would’ve known it was this peaceful.

If I had a superpower, it would be my ability to pull the silver lining from any dark storm.

My impeccable ability to bend without breaking and to dance in the rain sometimes.

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