& Romy & Michele

I don’t have a memory of first meeting her. We just did. Her mom and my mom were best friends and 3 month ol’ me was in the waiting room when she was born. That’s our joke. 
We got into trouble together and were each other’s alibis when we interrogated for it. We’ve had silly arguments, accidental parties in the backyard. We’d even cook dinner before we knew how and laugh at the fact that her dad and brother attempted to eat our horrible messes. I remember that one time we didn’t have salad dressing and tried to use mayo. We were so bad that we screwed up instant Jell-O. 
I’ll never forget the summer we almost physically fought over a boy. He was gorgeous but not that gorgeous. We both called dibs but he was her “boyfriend.” We let him choose and he chose her. We spent the whole summer not talking to each other. I don’t remember how we made up but we did and now we joke about the time I tried to steal her boyfriend. 
She’s always been there non-judgmental and hugs in tow. Shockingly she was there for me even when I was a mess because lord knows I was a mess. In junior high I went on a mean streak for about a year and as she puts it, “you were a bitch.” I remember wanting to go out with this boy but he told me he had a girlfriend. I totally disregarded the girlfriend comment and went to the movies with him and my friends. The next day I asked him to leave her, he refused so I walked up to his girlfriend’s sister and boldly told her, “Tell your sister I went out with her boyfriend last night and it was awesome.” Smile on my face and all. I wasn’t good with rejection back then. That’s putting it lightly I guess. My best friend questioned why she didn’t punch me in my face. She wouldn’t have been wrong to do so. 
I still have the origami folded notes we used to pass in class. I can’t fold them back but they say some pretty amazing things.  It’s funny even when I’m not in the same state as her or we could go months without a call, she has my back and I always have hers. We pick up like we spoke yesterday. 
Who would’ve thought twenty-six years later we’d still be the same strong willed, goofy friends who have each other’s backs? We still don’t judge, we don’t take life too seriously and we sugar coat nothing for each other. We pick each other up and she’s always been the sister I’ve never had. She knows every secret, every enemy and if she’s hurting I’m hurting. Life would suck without her. 
“I told her she was Romy to my Michele but she hasn’t seen the movie.”  

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