& Happy Mon(Daè) -002

The Steelers didn’t make the Super Bowl this year so I didn’t watch it. I figured I’d catch the commercials on Youtube and I’d flip to the channel when the halftime show was on and boy it didn’t disappoint. Bruno and Bey killed it! It wasn’t like I was expecting anything less. Let’s just say “Formation” is in rotation. I’m not a big fan of the vocals on the track but I love the visual, the lyrics and the production of it. I respect the art.


This was my favorite line of the whole song.

What I’m Rocking




I love this cute little green dress that I got from Charlotte Russe it’s uber comfy. We provided our own clothing for the shoot and I found this in the back of my closet with the tags on. I can’t wait to wear it out.

Speaking of art the Beautiful, Brown & Bold Women Project went well. I was selected to be one of 100 women who are doing positive things in Pittsburgh and we got together to do a photo shoot. Our stories will be a part of a gallery alongside our flawless photos. It was a positive memorable experience. They even put makeup on us which I’m no good at but totally enjoyed. I finally got the chance to rock this awesome necklace and it shined.

Now Playing

Formation – Beyoncè

Down in the DM – Yo Gotti

Needed You – Rihanna  [The entire “Anti” album is a piece of art and is not on Youtube 😦 but I think “Need You” is better than “Work.”

Happy Links

I absolutely adore this commercial of NFL players doing their daughters’ hair.

Every time I need a little motivation I think about how Kathryn Stockett wrote an amazing book and got rejected 60 times. 

100 Women get together to empower each other and the community. Check out info on the Beautiful, Brown, Bold Project.

Enjoy your week



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