& 11:11

It’s 11:11 and instead of making wishes
I’m up smiling thinking about the art that’s gonna be bomb when I’m done
processing the hurt you put me through

I thought we were done with the back and forth
the junior high games…
Why can’t you make up your mind
Why are you so freakin’ consistently inconsistent with my time?
Why did I think it would be different?
Why did I think we could actually work
this time…

This time I’m not wasting another second
another call, text
another conversation about our future
what’s next…

It’s like I’ve been drowning and finally came up to the surface for air
I had to save myself this time
and with that I’m totally fine
It’s like I knew you wouldn’t be there
Same scenario different year.
Deja vu…we’ve been here.

What’s next for me is what make the ending so different
I’m smiling

The next guy is going to thank you for not appreciating a gem.
I guess you can’t appreciate a blessing if you ain’t ready for it
your ways
your consistently inconsistent ways taught me I can bend, I can fall but I do not break.

I had to come up for air…

Jumping back into it and trying again was obvious my mistake.
I’m an optimist, what else can I say.
I really gave it my all but
It’s been over a decade and the back and forth
time is priceless
How long did you think I was actually going to wait?

I wish the next woman, the best of luck
as I bid you adieu
She’s going to need it
Because after all the madness
I’ve come to understand
It wasn’t me, it was always you.

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