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Exactly a week ago was my cake day! I didn’t do much because it was like zero degrees outside. So me and my gals got together played a few games and caught up on life. There was cake, wine, lots of pizza and it was a great time! I’ve come to the conclusion that I should start celebrating my half birthday since it’s in the summer. Anywho, I’ve been racking up quite the promo codes and gift cards so I finally cashed in and treated myself to a few fashion finds.

This go around I used my Lulu’s gift card and bought these awesome dresses.


Midnight in Paris Dress; Lulus $38


Luxe of my Life; Lulus $46

Half of my closet is from Gojane, I discovered them in college and if they had a rewards program, I would be very much so rewarded.


Don’t Call Me Babe Sweatshirt; GoJane $22.80


All Purpose Stretchy Skinny Jean; GoJane $29.50


Cat Lady Beaded Headband; GoJane $10.90


Ties Before Guys Midi Dress; GoJane $24.00

After our epic slumber party for my birthday we ended up at the mall on the 13th and Rue21 had a sale where everything was BOGO half off in the store. Let’s just say I cleaned up and I’ll definitely have something to wear on my cruise later on this year.


So I snagged these high waisted shorts, an anchor top, a navy and gold anchor print skater dress, “Breaking News I Don’t Care” tee, and a pair of my usual $7.90 jeans from Forever21 (I have a half dozen of these) and Charlotte Russe had everything in their store $25 and under. I got this awesome statement piece. I probably won’t buy anything for a while but it was time. 🙂 I still have a Fascino Boutique gift card but I’ll hold on to it until I actually have a chance to check out the shop.

For Christmas my mom bought me a Kindle because I just want to read books on my phone. I thought it would be a great idea to buy this purse that was on sale on Amazon & it wasn’t worth my time. The shoulder strap already gave up but here’s a look inside my bag that I refuse to carry because I don’t want to carry it like a handbag.


20160129_165444 (1)

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Here’s a little positive energy your way to get you through the rest of the weekend.

Jess Glynne  “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”

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