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Hola! It’s finally starting to feel like spring outside but I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch because this is Pittsburgh and we get all the seasons in like twenty four hours. This weekend was pretty awesome. I went to an Art Showcase at the August Wilson Center and supported some local artists. It was my friend’s first time showcasing his art and because I don’t believe in free art, I bought a piece that I absolutely can’t wait to put on my desk. His name is CB Perry and if you have time you should look him up.


Pittsburgh Events


My friends brought it to my attention that I am the queen of finding something to do in Pittsburgh. This week I have all intentions on checking out Mad Mex’s National Margarita Day and Friday Dave & Buster’s is having a party sponsored by KISS FM.

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Travis Garland is awesome sauce.

If anyone knows me, they know I loved The Purge Anarchy. I went to the movies twice to see it actually and I can’t wait for this one to to drop.

I have no idea what this song means and if there is a meaning to “Cake by the Ocean,” but I can totally get down with this track.

Happy Links

Little Girl Films Her First Makeup Video 

Why It’s Okay Not To Have Everything Figured Out

Why Everyone’s Talking About The 100 & You Should Too

Me and 99 other positive beautiful women in Pittsburgh got together to share our energy and share our spirit with each other. We all wrote a story about our goals, our present and our future and we want to share it with the world. Please donate what you can here so we can have a successful gallery opening in June.

Well I’m going back to editing my novel hoping to drop it late March early April.  Maybe Wednesday’s post will be about self-publishing since peeps have been asking me about it.