& Happy Mon(Daè) 004

No matter how old or young you are, this movie will forever hit you right in the feels.
No matter how old or young you are, this movie will forever hit you right in the feels.

Hola peeps! Life has been cray! I write more than I could ever type. One day I’ll give up handwriting for just purely writing novels on my phone (Don’t count on it though.) Good news is I edited an entire book yesterday, the bad news is it wasn’t mine! But tis is life I finally wrote down my goals and one of mine will be available by the end of spring (April-May)! You can’t rush words. Writing is the fun part for me, editing is also fun just not when it comes to my own words.

& What I’m Rockin’

I recently realized that I have more Converse Sneakers than I could ever wear and I’m okay with that. My most recent pair definitely pays homage to one of my favorite superheroes (or villains if you check him out in Batman v Superman) and these are my babies. I want Wonder Woman next (Gal Gadot looks incredible as Wonder Woman) but they never have them in my size for a reasonable price. This is the only instance where all the boys are cheaper than the girls. Superman and Batman were only $60 and Wonder Woman is staring at $80 ish dollars.


Rue 21 had a sale and I ended up with this coral maxi. I can’t wait until the PA weather gets it together and I can actually wear it.

Coral Tie Dye Cinched Dress; $10.49
Coral Tie Dye Cinched Dress; $10.49
Nautical Chic Bikini Set; GoJane

I won this awesome gem from GoJane and their Pinterest contest. I hate Pinterest Contests (it goes right up there with Instagram Loops I refuse to participate in) but I did it for their site and I absolutely love everything there. I didn’t really need another bikini but it helps my mission of staying in one as much as possible this summer.

& Awesome Happenings


There’s a 90s Bar Crawl in Pittsburgh this weekend and I cannot wait! You dress up in your fav 90s garb and jam to 90s music on the Southside while paying for drink specials that cost no more than $5. I bought my ticket. You can buy yours here.


Also, me and my gal friends are doing a 90s Lip Sync Battle. It’s gonna be amaze balls and you can get tickets here. I’m gonna make a fool of myself being a part of Destiny’s Child but it’s all for a good cause. We’re raising money for our gallery opening in June  (the unveiling of our stunning photos we took a few months ago.)

& Now Playing

Meghan Trainer “No” 

I feel like we’re watching the evolution of Meghan. Her entire first album was a masterpiece. It felt like reading her diary with every song. The songs she’s recently dropped feel like millennial hits and give me this Britney and Xtina vibe.

 Lukas Graham “7 Years Old” 

I’ve been hearing this song everywhere and I can’t stop singing it. Don’t know who they are but the lyrics and his voice….sheesh.

Ariana Grande “Be Alright” 

Ariana Grande is growing up rather we want her to or not. I still can’t believe such a tiny woman can have such incredible voice. I saw her perform once and I she just takes command of the entire stage no gimmicks necessary. I can listen to her entire albums from start to finish because she doesn’t need anything besides talent to sell records.

& Happy Links

Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks totally owns CNN when it came down to talking about how out of tune CNN is with the masses.

An All That Reunion is happening on the 16th and I can’t wait!

The dude that 3D printed his own braces is a boss. 

Netflix is making a series out of popular movie heartfelt alien movie “Home.” 

Last but not least I love Showtime’s hit series “Shameless.” It deals with a dysfunctional family that may not have much but they love each other and even with a alcoholic barely there father and a ghost of a mother, the sister Fiona manages to take care of them all. The brother Ian has had so much character development and this speech that he gave last night was worth writing down and typing.

ian gallagher quote

Well guys and gals hope everyone has a positive week and something amazing happens during it. Don’t forget that positive attitudes breed positive opportunities. 🙂 Until next time.



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  1. KD says:

    Awesome! Have a great week!


  2. Love the Tie Dye Dress. Also, I want to see a video of your lipsync battle!
    Zoe Beau.xx


    1. Dae says:

      I shall most definitely post videos of the lip sync shenanigans

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Looking forward to it!


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