& Happy Mon(Daè) 005

Hola peeps!


Super tired but it’s Monday again! Life has been a bit busy instead of being in the Lip Sync Battle, I decided to help out at the door by ensure things ran as smoothly as possible and it was a blast! We had a nice turnout and it was a 90’s explosion! Life has been a bit busy lately and an adventure but that’s what makes for great writing when I finally do settle down.

& What I’m Rocking



Rue21 is to thank for these awesome leggings. I love the anchor ones but the black and yellow ones 🙂 They were buy one get one $5.


This awesome young woman on Instagram is selling Tye Dye Shirts and it’s not only bringing me all types of nostalgia but it’s for a good cause. Proceeds for these shirts go towards her opening her own yoga studio.


I don’t know why it took me so long to include ColourPop in one of my posts but guys I’m obsessed.  As far as makeup goes Lipstick and lip gloss are the only things I wear. ColourPop is six bucks and it comes in so many shades that look great on everyone! I don’t know what they put in ColourPop but it stays on forever.

& Awesome Happenings

A friend of mine invited me to this awesomeness and it looks like lots of fun. I love to support folks and their dreams because its just who I am.


& Now Playing

Ariana Grande “Let Me Love You”

Twenty88 “Talk Show”
Surprisingly it wasn’t at the top of their Spotify Popular list but this is my fav track off the whole project. Jhene and Big Sean are golden together.

Travis Garland “Dangerous Woman” Cover
This guy will cover your song and make it completely his but I love it.

& Happy Links

Disney to air 100 Disney Original Movies

College Student Takes Senior Photos with Debt Included

9-Year-Old Boy Sets Up Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Adoption Fees

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