& Metaphorically Speaking II

Your love constantly pulled at my heart strings creating an array of knots that took me years to untangle.

How did we get so intertwined…

Your love was like constantly trying to
swim upstream without a paddle
with a block anchored to my foot
exerting all the energy in the world
yet getting nowhere
Why did I stay “in” for so long…

It was like getting all six Powerball numbers
and blowing your paycheck because you know you got it
just to discover that you washed your ticket.
How the hell did I get such shitty luck….

Loving you was like your high school crush asking you to prom and after getting all dolled up and waiting for hours for him to show discovering you were the butt of a cruel joke. 

Why am I the only one not laughing?

It was like pushing me off a cliff and then grasping my hand
to rescue me
like you weren’t the one to put me there in the first place.
How the hell did I get here….

“Maybe I was more in love with the thought of who you could be
than who you’ll ever be.
But thank you because without you I would’ve never discovered
how to go about loving me.”

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