& Independence Day 2 (Movie Review)

Independence Day 2

It was supposed to be great and they even had over twenty years to perfect it but Independence Day 2: Resurgence fell victim to a bloated storyline that was so rushed that I insisted on keeping the 3D glasses since I couldn’t get my money back for the ticket.

At a time where 90s nostalgia is at an all-time high, Independence Day 2 had the potential to be great. It was supposed to be a re-introduction to the franchise but left me with a bitter taste in my mouth wondering how it took over two years and six people to write the story. The movie follows Dylan (Jessie T Usher), Jake (Liam Hemsworth), Rain (Angelbaby) and a lot of other characters (who I couldn’t get attached to because A) They lacked depth and B) They were all going to die anyways) as they battle a larger alien invasion than the last one (That’s the plot. That’s all of it). It plays out just enough so the writers can prepare the world for the third installment of Independence Day. I imagine the third one couldn’t be any worse than this one.

Although the actors were freakin’ awesome, a bad script is a bad script. I wasn’t expecting Independence Day 1 greatness but they had a Hemsworth! There is no reason a movie should be this bloated with a lack of depth. How did six people give this script the go-ahead? It’s almost as if they were all writing a separate movie and put it all together at once. There wasn’t even enough action or a superhero to distract me from the fact that this ridiculousness was a fail. The only surprise the movie stunned me with was the fact that the characters didn’t seem that surprised about any part of the alien invasion. Everyone just accepted everything for what it was like “Oh an alien. I must destroy it.” I think Jessie T. Usher was my favorite part of the movie because he can act and he’s hot. There’s also a mad scientist in the movie who’s awesome sauce but I didn’t catch his name because the movie just goes way too fast. The beginning really had me intrigued I just knew it was going to be okay when they spotted something in the universe and they shot it first thinking they could ask questions later (The American Way).  I totally would’ve been okay if they would’ve improvised the entire thing. There was no tension. This should’ve been a straight to DVD movie and Will Smith knew what he was doing when he declined to reappear in this travesty. He obviously picked the right movie and I can’t wait for Suicide Squad. Did you enjoy Independence Day 2?

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