& Justice for Some 

Everyone is always quick to quote MLK on race but if he “fixed” the problem he’d be here today…

“All lives matter,” is like saying
“With liberty and justice for all*”
*terms and conditions apply.

If all lives truly mattered everyone would be at the protests on the front line.

The blind truth is America is “color blind”
creating justice for some

Trayvon could’ve been my brother, Tamir my nephew,
Sandra my sister,  where does it end? Nobody wants their kid to be a hashtag

That’s why mothers and fathers are nervous to let their child young or old out of sight.

I’m not playing tit for tat but it’s remarkable that
you can arrest a white guy who shot up a church
but can’t subdue a black man with no weapon.
It ain’t right!

America races to say it wasn’t a race issue.
Racism doesn’t exist and it gets quiet
Until another young black man is taken away
way too soon.
Every time the trigger is pulled someone loses a son,
friend, niece, daughter, mom, dad.
It’s almost become numbing.

This can’t be the new normal! 

Who’s policing the police that suffer from some cruel agenda
Some kind of heroism
When in turn I think they’re creating a form of terrorism.  

You can’t deem yourself a decent human being and
turn a blind eye
This is a race thing. Not all cops are bad but it only takes one seed. 

Our justice system is severed, broken in need of a deep inspection, lack of oil

It shouldn’t be a death sentence for just being a black man or woman
on American soil. 

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