& Happy Mon(Daè) 008

Good morning & happy Mon(Daè)! It’s hard to believe its August. Where has summer gone?


& I’m Rockin’


I finally spent a part of my Fascino Boutique gift card and snagged this awesome “balance” bracelet.



Sometimes I take random trips and recently I found myself in Georgia near a pool with no suit so I stopped at Walmart and bought my own little souvenir. I got it when it was $7 but now it’s 5. You can get yours here.


& I’m a huge member of The DeFranco Nation and I’m a level 10 on Pokèmon. What can I say, anything that makes my commute a bit easier. I was a bit tickled about these shirts. I can’t wait until it comes in the mail.

& Am Watching


Jennette McCurdy stars in this underrated Netflix Original series that’s an unfortunate 8 episodes long. The series centers around a bunch of kids investigating the reason why everyone over the age of 21 is mysteriously dying and why the government has put them under quarantine. It brings the tension and keeps up with the pace all the way to the last episode. I cannot wait until season 3 (if there is a season three). And it’s super cute that Jennette McCurdy and her costar Jesse Carere are a for real thing.

Stranger Things

I don’t know how I stumbled upon Stranger Things I think it was the nostalgia that drew me in. I also pretty much like all things science fiction. This series is awesome sauce. I fell in love with these adorable little kids and every episode got weirder and weirder. I’m super surprised how authentically 80s this show is.

& Am Reading

Contagious by Jackie Druga


The CW’s “Containment” ended and I found myself wanting more outbreak so I typed in random words into Amazon until I got to this book. I fell in love with the plot. There’s a killer virus out there and a bunch of strangers are quarantined in a hotel together. I fell in love with all the characters and I applaud Jackie’s style. It was also great to discover she’s from Pittsburgh. If you’re into outbreak type sci-fy you’ll fall in love with the intense pace of this read. I was very upset that it was over.

Filthy by Winter Renshaw

I haven’t met a Winter Renshaw book that I haven’t liked and Filthy is a part of a series but is a standalone. You won’t be confused if you haven’t read the other two books. I love Delilah and how she moves to Florida to help her grandmother move and she has a no strings attached fling with the football player next door. The only problem is once summer is over things get a little complicated. It’s a quick read and enjoyable.

& Now Playing

Jojo – Fuck Apologies ft Wiz Khalifa – I’m super glad she’s back.

Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini – Is it August 5th yet?

& Happy Links

The Ice Bucket Challenge Worked

The Game Has a Mission to Help 16 year old Pilot Around the World

7 Things I’m Learning to Accept About Being a Freelance Writer


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