& ​Top 4 Food Trucks in the 412

One look at my Yelp profile and it’s apparent that I have a huge problem! From my very first food truck experience, I was hooked on the culture. One might say I’m an avid food truck follower but funny enough I tend to be where food trucks are most of the time. I’ve tried everything from pasta to gyros and I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter the vessel. If the chef is cooking with love, the people will come rain or shine. After checking out many food trucks….for research purposes, I’ve narrowed down my top four.

Four: Oh My Grill

Photo 📷 credit : Chardae J

Some trucks try to take on way too much variety which kills the wait time and eats into actual eating time. Oh My Grill doesn’t have this problem as grilled cheese is their thing and they do it well! Saying “It’s just overpriced grilled cheese,” would be depriving your taste buds of such a magical bliss. Every time I see this truck I’m happy to know everything is the same and I don’t have to mull over what I want because I always go for The Usual. The Usual is your childhood favorite grilled cheese but with a grown up twist. Monterey Jack and sharp cheese share the space in between the bread with sliced buffalo chicken breast. It’s a buffalo chicken grilled cheese that perfects the beautiful balance between spicy and cheesy and it’s worth every penny. One does not outgrow grilled cheese especially gourmet grilled cheese.

Three: BRGR

Photo 📷 credit BRGR Facebook

If you’ve ever been to their restaurant in East Liberty you know that BRGR is known for two things and they perfect them: burgers and shakes. Both are staples to American cuisine and they do them well. I’m shocked how the truck manages to offer so many options yet be so great with time management. I don’t eat beef but I still have endless options. I love the fact that I can easily swap any of their burgers with a turkey or veggie option. I always go with the turkey burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions. It’s well seasoned, greasy and everything you want in a burger. Their milkshakes are a beautiful marriage to the menu. If you handed someone a meal from The BRGR Truck, they’d never believe it was cooked on a truck.

Two: Nakama

Photo 📷 credit Nakama Facebook

No reservations needed for this one. Get your Nakama fix without a wait, a table, or having to empty your wallet. It’s hibachi without the chef show and it has just as much flavor. I always go for the veggie fried rice and veggie spring roll and I haven’t been disappointed. You’ll most definitely see the line before the truck and it’s always worth the wait.

One: Mac & Gold

Photo 📷 credit Mac & Gold IG

I’ve stood in the pouring rain on a Saturday evening for almost thirty minutes to get a bite of their crab mac and cheese to discover they only had lobster mac & cheese. I tried it and it was just okay but their crab mac & cheese is effin’ phenomenal. It’s lump crab with spinach and roasted pepper and it’s almost as if magic is a special ingredient in their gooey, comfort filled mac & cheese. I even go as far as adding their hand cut rosemary and garlic fries on top of the mac & cheese creating this mountain of comfort food better than life. I don’t’ care if it’s rain or snow, if Mac & Gold has crab mac, I’m there!

Photo 📷 credit Cool Beans 

Bonus: Years ago I was aimlessly wandering through my local food truck round up yearning for something sweet. “Why don’t trucks offer dessert?” I asked a food truck owner not expecting an answer. This kind gentleman handed me this decadent dessert that almost bought tears of joy to my eyes as I bit into it and it melted. It was a funnel cake fried cannoli. My taste buds had a party that night. I never remembered the truck’s name until recently I was reunited with it. Cool Beans made this creation I never knew existed and needed. If you ever have a chance to try it, do it and thank me later.

I don’t exactly know when it happened but the Pittsburgh food scene exploded. First came the new restaurants and then came the fiscally responsible food trucks. I’ve tried so many and I’m still discovering new ones. 5,272 reviews later it turns out my fellow Yelpers are enjoying my journey to eat my way through Pittsburgh. Rather you want brick oven pizza or BBQ Cones (that’s a thing), the 412 has a truck for you. What’s the best thing you’ve ate from a food truck? 

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