& Happy Satur(Daè) 

Hola! Hope everyone is having a positive week. I’ve been getting into vacay mode because at the end of the month I’m embarking on a seven day Halloween Carnival Cruise with my bestest friend in the world.

In a time when society is so divided it’s important to remember kindness. 

& Halloween Goodness | Pittsburgh Scarehouse

After giving up on waiting for the rain to let up  for a free Zara Larson concert during a block party, me and my friend decided to check out the infamous Scarehouse in Pittsburgh. It’s made headlines all across the country for being scary and I was expecting awesome and maybe a little fright but I didn’t get it. Nope not at all. I guess I’m just hard to scare but I did enjoy myself . I waited for about twenty five minutes with a group of people to go in. It was nicely decorated and the actors were well into character but it felt more like a horror fun house than a Scarehouse. They spent a lot of money on special effects but as someone that grew up in the era of Station Scare, I would put Scarehouse on the same scale as Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Nights just minus the roller coasters.

Next time I’m going to have to check out this Basement peeps were ranting about. Apparently Scarehouse has a basement for peeps looking for a real scare. The Basement requires that you sign a waiver that allows them to wet you, cover your head, touch you, and peeps told me it was a psychological thing. I would totally try that out as I enjoy a good scare that’s well worth my money. Check out the Trailer for The Basement below. (Note: Tickets are cheaper online)

& What I’m Rockin’

Pretty much any shirt by Philly DeFranco over at For Human Peoples.  I’ve been a fan for years but recently I’ve started buying his merch.

Katy Perry’s Katy Kat Matte Lipstick is a fav right now. It’s almost ColourPop quality and it almost feels like a lip balm going on.  Check out my previous post for my latest Lipstick roundup.

Influenster sends me free stuff. And for the end of the summer they sent me the new Nestlé Splash. It’s flavored water with zero calories and doesn’t taste artificial at all. I was seriously afraid because I also picked the grape flavor forgetting how artificial grape tastes like. Would I buy this? If I wanted flavored water sure but that’s not an everyday need for me.

& Now Playing

Sage The Gemini – Now & Later

Cashmere Cat ft Tory Lanes & Selena Gomez – Trust Nobody

Futuristic – The Time Is Now

& Happy Links

Ever since she did the Suicide Squad Pitch video I’ve been in love with her material.

Kid President is always passing on the greatness.

Indiana Cops Lies on the Floor with Kid Having a Bad Day (This was cute)

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.



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