& 2016 Are You Okay

Last December I made a list of things I hope to see in 2016. Now that we’re officially almost done with 2016 and by some miracle the world has not ended, let’s reflect on a few things that should be understood and most definitely left in the year 2016.


Calling Women Whores: It’s not nice! There are so many words for promiscuous women or a woman that chooses to be comfortable in her skin. If Suzie is confident enough to get naked online and she’s over 18, kudos to her. Teach your sons and daughters to respect her just as much. Lack of clothes doesn’t equate lack of self-respect. Dont destroy Suzie’s confidence because you disagree with her views  Apparently this isn’t like this in a lot of countries. Americans just make everything sexual. The female body is normal. Get over it!

Trump: We didn’t think he’d get this far but he has and a record number of supporters and he’s the GOP nominee.  It seems like the more offensive he is, the more receptive he is to his audience. I don’t believe in telling people who to vote just as long as they vote.  A few of my best friends have totally different views than I do and it makes for great conversations and a lot of open minded debates. One thing about Trump that amazes me is that he’s so unqualified for the position but he’s gotten this far. It’s astounding. In the words of 13 year old comedian Lori Mae Hernadez it’s like they said “Hey you’re a reality TV star, you wanna run for president?”

Homophobia: I’m not sure why this has to be said. Homophobia isn’t a fear of anything it’s just nonsense. Who someone chooses to sleep with or settle down with isn’t harming me I don’t understand why some people feel so strongly against people wanting to marry whoever they want. Crushing people’s happiness just isn’t the American way.


FOMO : You’re going to miss stuff. It’s a way of life. Sitting and thinking about all the things you’re missing out on is stagnating your growth. It’s impossible to take every opportunity and every trip. If we don’t miss out on things we won’t know how good it is to actually love the great moments.

me generation

Millennials “The Entitlement Generation” : If anything we’re entitled to having a voice for a country we have to live with after the lawmakers completely destroy the economy and environment. Millennials if anything they’re severely underpaid and undervalued.

All Lives Matter” This one is the most controversial on the list. For some reason there’s a giant group of people out there who immediately hear “all lives don’t matter,” when they hear the phrase “black lives matter.” It’s not that all lives don’t matter but black lives are the focus here. The fact that this large group of people doesn’t see racism is a thing that’s alive and well, is actually the problem. If you’re not addressing the problem, then you are a part of the problem. Those are probably the same people who don’t realize that parents of color have to sit their kids down and have a totally different conversation on how to deal with the police before discussing the birds and the bees.

On the upside, 2016 hasn’t been a complete mess. It blessed us with Pokemon Go, Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and the Suicide Squad soundtrack. There’s nothing but high hopes for the rest of the year because it can only go up from here.

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