#AmReading (002)

We’re not even finished with February and I’ve finished two novels so far in 2017. If only I wrote as quickly as I read. That’s a post for another day though. What started as me browsing the internet for free books on Instafreebie and Book Funnel, turned into me getting Advanced Copies from some pretty awesome writers. So every now and then I shall check in with some recommended reads and if I continue this reading trend I’ll be on track to read twelve books in twelve months but it’s not hard.


Here are the two I’ve devoured to keep myself busy while procrastinating about organizing the book I’m working on finishing.

January Read: Configured by Jenetta Penner (Read)


The most upsetting about this book is the end. I started it under the impression that the second was out already and then I tweeted the author and it isn’t! I like to binge books like I binge shows and this one is worth it. I can’t wait to read the next one.
Sometimes sci-fy can be one size fits all and this one doesn’t even fit the mold. It’s a stand out! I enjoyed it from start to finish. In a time where people are separated by intelligence and thinking for ones self is frowned upon Avlyn stands out and she realizes there has to be more to life and there is. Against what her parents tell her to do, she decides to dig deeper into herself and feed the need to be a little different. She joins a group of rebels that will forever change her life and everything she thought she knew about her life, her dead brother, her biological parents and the government she was blindly following is wrong. The pace of the story, the adjectives, the tone, and everything in between makes this book perfect. I could see this sitting on shelves next to The Hunger Games and Divergent but it’s completely different than both of them. This is Jenetta Penneer’s first release and it’s absolutely blown me away!

February Read: Cold Hearted by Winter Renshaw (Read)


I’ve been a fan of Winter for quite some time because she doesn’t just write romance but it’s realistic! Sometimes I hate her characters as if I met them and sometimes I feel bad for a character I know I shouldn’t and who doesn’t deserve my sympathy.  That’s a talented skill to have with a pen. I finished this book in two days because I had to see how it ended. Ayla is the long lost sister of a famous hockey player who passes away and she’s in town to go through his estate and hopefully learn more about him besides him wanting nothing to do with her. She’s never met him she just knows he died in a tragic car accident. Things get a little more interesting when she discovers her brother was a huge jerk and especially to his best friend. It also gets sticky after she sleeps with said best friend knowing everything she knows. I wanted to feel bad for Ayla omitting some key details about her life like the fact that her brother was his best friend but I couldn’t. It was wrong but the way they handle it when everything hits the fan is quite realistic. Reading the book I had to put it down a few times because it got so intense. Winter never fails to disappoint. I must add this to my favorites because it had twists I hadn’t expected and it was a bit romantic. Winter isn’t just a writer, Renshaw strings words together and I’m just going to start calling her a wordsmith. Who knew stumbling upon one of her books on Kindle that I would be hooked with all of them. I’m collecting them all like Pokemon. If you enjoy this one also check out Dark Paradise and Vegas Baby. They’re definitely standouts.


I have no idea how I became a bookworm and how I love to read everything under the sun rather it be urban fiction to science fiction, I cover all my bases. Reading is an escape from reality and control, the control of playing a movie in your head that no one else can see is awesome! What are you reading now a days? What should be next on my list?

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