26 Shades of ColourPop Lippies

26 Shades of ColourPop Lippies

Growing up as the only girl I was never that into makeup but the older I got the more my obsession with lip-gloss and lipstick grew. I knew I had a problem when I found this awesome lipstick holder on Amazon and within a few weeks it was full.  Instagram introduced me to ColourPop and the rest was history. 26  shades later I’ve ended up with pretty much every shade of red they have. Some of them were hits and some misses (that I mostly gave to friends as ColourPop is non-refundable but at six bucks it doesn’t really feel like a loss).  After a few tries and stopping and starting this project, I’ve finally swatched them all. I feel like I collected all the Pokemon that’s how giddy it made me to finish.

The ColourPop Breakdown

For six bucks you get quality lippies and if it’s not your color it’s okay because it’s someone else’s that you know. Picking my favorite formula is like picking my favorite child.  They all have their pros and cons but here is my breakdown on them.

Ultra Matte | Ultra matte is my favorite until it’s time to remove it. This stuff stays on throughout breakfast and  lunch and you may have to touch it up for dinner. Frankly I think this ultra matte formula is comfy and could survive an apocalypse. Yes,  it transfers a bit but it’s not going to just leave your lips without a little help from you. I’ve removed these with remover and still had remnants of it on my lips. Also don’t forget to do your lips a favor and put some lip balm underneath it.

Ultra Satin | Ultra satin formula is soft and light and it’s awesome until you eat or drink and then everything looks like a murder scene. Besides that I love the shine it gives and the pigment makes my lips feel happy. I wish the moisture in the Ultra Satins were in the Ultra Mattes but they’re six bucks.

Ultra Glossy Lip | It reminds me of that high school lip gloss that I used to wear in the plastic tube. Their ultra glossy lip gets a bit everywhere but it’s so nice. Your hair will stick to this if the wind blows but it looks so nice. If you don’t mind it wiping off quickly go for it.

Ultra Metallic Lip | I like the fact that even though I hate mixing colors that these are great as a topper on top of an ultra matte. By themselves though they’re just shiny. I ended up with a few of these and realized uhh they’re not my thing but maybe one day I’ll add it on top of some of my fav mattes.

Ultra Blotted & Blotted Lip | ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted and blotted lip goes on easy and it comes off easy too because it takes a million coats to really take. I usually just let it be after two coats. I bought these when they first released and they’re kind of exhausting to apply. They’re more of a stain than an actual lipstick.

The Swatches

As a woman with dark skin finding swatches is insanely hard and I hope this brightens someone’s day. Excuse some of the messier applications as Ultra Matte Lippies are hard  to get off.

I actually found a few colors that I didn’t know that I had. Like Limbo, Embellish, and Chaps might have to go in rotation. These swatches looked completely different on the site. I’m glad I gave this a go. And I hope lipstick doesn’t have calories because a lot of lipstick got everywhere during this project.

Now that you see the magic and the not so magical colors what’s your favorite? I’m most definitely on a lipstick hiatus as I have all the colors I need. Maybe next I’ll swatch my Beauty Bakerie collection.

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