412 Fresh: Alla Famiglia

The only thing that I enjoy more than eating yummy food is taking photos of said food with my Samsung Galaxy S8. There’s even a food mode built into the camera. I of course didn’t use it when capturing these flowers but did use it when I snapped this photo of Alla Famiglia’s tiramisu. Turns out the flowers got me the tiramisu. Samsung saw the photo on Twitter, liked it and in exchange gave me these awesome Lynda courses and a gift card to Alla Famiglia.

Before venturing into the restaurant many folks warned me it was expensive and I’m here to disagree. I left so full I couldn’t even make a dent into my main course. You definitely get your money’s worth.

Yes, the restaurant is three floors but the vintage decor and friendly faces made me feel like I was dinning at someone’s house. The bread was served with a fresh oil,  yummy cheese and I could just devoured it all by itself but I paced myself knowing this was just the beginning.

“With your meal you get a salad, pasta and then your main course.”

Alla Famiglia Trifolata

My stomach made a noise when the waitress informed me of what I had gotten into but it wasn’t a growl it was more a “You can do this,” cheer. Looking around at everyone else’s dinner I nodded staring at the menu and agreed on the trifolata as an appetizer. Me and my friend Felicia both love mushrooms and we saw that it had currants swimming in a marsala sauce and we were all in. We expected a sweet and savory combo but the sweetness for me was bit off putting as I love sweet but I needed more savory. Also unless there’s more than two of you don’t order separate appetizers as the portions are big enough to feed a small family. My friend took the leftovers home and next time I’m going for the calimari and shrimp.

The salad was easy to devour as it was light and fresh and on a good day I’ll demolish just veggies and no dressing in just a few minutes. The pasta on the other hand is when I began questioning how much food I could really eat. It was noodles in their homemade red sauce that made me question my previous distaste for all things red sauces. It was savory and smoothered in love from the attention to herbs. There was none of this left to take home.

Alla Famiglia Crab Stuffed Salmon

Then came the main course. I had high hopes for this salmon to receive some kind of love but I felt the crab stuffing had more seasoning than the actual salmon. I caught zero hints of any type of herbs and I really wanted to love the salmon as much as the crab, the tomatoes and the asparagus on the side but I just couldn’t. The sides were the stars of this plate.

Alla Famiglia Tiramisu

What I did fall in love with was my decision making skills to continue eating even though I was full two plates ago. We had many options but I heard tiramisu and was sold. I felt like I was eating little slices of heaven. Each bite was fluffy, sweet and the toasted almonds gave it a crunch. The custard, the berries, and the sweetness made me forget about the whole salmon thing. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I had never tasted something so decadent. It was the big finale ensuring I left with the right taste in my mouth.

Overall, I enjoyed my first Alla Famiglia experience. I probably won’t get the crab stuffed salmon again but I will be back for dessert and lemon drop martinis. My favorite part of the meal was the fresh bread at the beginning and the tiramisu at the end. I could never forget the friendly staff and their ability to be proactive and multitask.

Rather it’s just Tuesday, you’re celebrating a promotion, or you’re trying to impress a date, Alla Famiglia will definitely hit the spot.

I’d recommend coming hungry and splitting all courses (besides dessert) as you are going to have so much food leftover.

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