Style and Glam Pittsburgh: Glam Guaranteed

Pittsburgh native and founder of Style and Glam Pittsburgh, Jamyce Patterson can whip together a fashion show in her sleep. But it’s not the glamorous events that intrigued me. It’s the message behind the runway affairs that got my attention. Fashion shows come a dime a dozen now a days but you won’t find many people like Jamyce who has coached and molded dozens of models and a few of them are even signed to big agencies. This Style Week entrepreneur of the year nominee believes in using fashion and modeling as an empowerment tool. She saw a void in the Pittsburgh scene and put together eleborate events breathing life into Pittsburgh fashion.

I don’t know her secret but I do know she doesn’t believe in doing anything small. Style and Glam Pittsburgh’s staple event Fierce the Runway was a huge success even in its infancy. It went from a one day fashion show to a two day glam extravaganza. Her beauty expo provided beauty tips and tricks alongside drinks and many local vendors.

The actual fashion show was a dazzling success. On July 30th dozens of people crowded into a Lawrenceville banquet hall that effortlessly made for a great fashion show. There were vendors, great laughs and the fashion was an indication that Pittsburgh designers don’t believe in thinking small either. The captivating looks screamed chic and in between takes of runway fabulousness Jamyce and co-host Paris Crosby kept the crowd laughing. Performances included local artists Abigail Jerri, Zende, Treble, and Dejah Monea. You never know what you’re going to get when attending a Pittsburgh Style and Glam event but there’s nothing less than glam and entertainment.

It was no surprise when Patterson announced not only is she taking Style and Glam coastal but she’s starting her own modeling agency. Models are a very important part of the fashion industry and she’s out to empower as many as possible. She’s even created a Models Week. From November 7-11 aspiring models and established models alike will enjoy mixers, a modeling competition and an arsenal of branding resources on how to make it in today’s modeling industry. For more on the event and all things Style and Glam Pittsburgh do check out their site as you’re going to want to stay in the loop on all things glam.

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