Thrival Festival Survival

Thrival Festival 2017 isn’t until next month but the excitement is real now! The price of tickets are sure to go up soon and with acts like Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Kiiara, and Kyle tickets are sure to go fast. September 29th and 30th Swissvale’s Carrie Furnace will be jam packed with fans from all over (I met someone from the West Coast last year)!

Your Thrival Experience is what you make it and it can either be filled with lots of joy or lots of frustration depending on how well you can maneuver the scene. Here are four tips on how to make the best of your Thrival Experience.

Do bring a refillable cup as it can get hot and you will get thirsty.

Do Figure out your transportation sooner than later. Last year there was one lane both ways into and out of the Carrie Furnace venue. You could park at the venue and sit in line forever or you can figure out a better way. Last year there were school buses transporting peeps who parked at The Waterfront. I parked in Braddock and just walked to the venue. I regret nothing especially since I live in Braddock.

Do dress for the weather. This event takes place rain or shine and shine it does. Last year it was so hot I was glad I wore shorts because there is no shade at a repurposed industrial plant.

Do not lose your wristband. The wristband is your ticket and if you lose the band you can’t come back the next day without a struggle. For those two days you guard that wristband with your life.

Thrival Music Festival has good food trucks, great music and a view to die for. It only comes once a year and honestly for a festival still in its infancy it’s becoming more than an experience. It’s officially a movement. There’s no wonder these guys are nominated as one of the best festivals in the Burgh.

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